A4214 road

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The A4214 is a ring-road around Llanelli in Carmarthenshire, west Wales.

A4214 shield

Major junctions
East endA484 (Swansea Castle Roundabout)
West endA484 (Bridge Street)
Road network

The route begins at the junction with Hall Street and Gelli-onn, on the A484 road in northwest Llanelli. At this point, the road is a dual-carriageway as it heads south-east along Hall Street to the Public Library, then south-west along Church Street and past the town council, government buildings, then south-east again past the town hall and county council offices. Here, the road turns into a single-carriageway as it becomes Station Road to the junction with the B4303 and Queen Victoria Road. The road takes a 90-degree to the north-east along Murray Street towards the Asda Supermarket.

Following construction of the Asda Supermarket in the middle of the town centre, the road takes a detour around the car-park, first running south-east along Bres Road, then north-east along Upper Robinson Street then north-west along Stepney Place, before rejoining the original route. The road then continues north-east until it reaches Swansea Castle Roundabout, with the junction of the A484.

Inside this ring-road is the main commerce area of Llanelli, including the shopping centre, supermarket, indoor and outdoor markets, bus-station, high street shops as well as multi-story, off-street and street parking.

Coordinates: 51°40′49″N 4°09′29″W / 51.68023°N 4.15811°W / 51.68023; -4.15811