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The Autoroute 3, abbreviated to A3 or otherwise known as the Dudelange motorway (French: Autoroute de Dudelange), is a motorway in southern Luxembourg. It is 13.318 kilometres (8.275 mi) long and connects Luxembourg City to Dudelange. At Dudelange, it reaches the French border, whereupon it meets the A31, which leads to Metz.

Autoroute 3 shield}}

Autoroute 3
Autobunn 3
Autoroute de Dudelange
Route information
Part of
Length: 13.318 km (8.275 mi)
Existed: 1978 – present
History: Completed 21 June 1995
Major junctions
North end: Hesperange for Luxembourg City
  Croix de Gasperich
South end: France Autoroute 31 for Metz
Highway system
Motorways in Luxembourg



The A3 was opened in three separate sections:


Junctions and structures
  (J1) Hesperange / Gasperich
  Croix de Gasperich   /  
  /   /   Berchem services
  (J2) Livange / Bettembourg 31
  Croix de Bettembourg  
  (J3) Dudelange
  Border with France  


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