9th World Festival of Youth and Students

The 9th World Festival of Youth and Students was held from 28 July to 5 August 1968 in Sofia, capital city of the then People's Republic of Bulgaria. The festival attracted 20,000 people from 138 countries.[1] Initially, the event was planned to be held in Algeria in the summer of 1965, but due to the military coup in that country the date was postponed, and Bulgaria became the new venue for the festival.[2]

9th World Festival of Youth and Students
Host country People's Republic of Bulgaria
Dates28 July - 5 August 1968
MottoFor Solidarity, Peace and Friendship
Participants20,000 people from 142 countries
Follows10th World Festival of Youth and Students
Precedes8th World Festival of Youth and Students

The festival took place at the height of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and due to the Sino-Soviet split, no Chinese delegates were invited to Bulgaria. However, a group of German Maoists attended. They disrupted the opening ceremony of the festival, shouting the name of Chairman Mao and waving his portrait.[3]

The Beatles offered to play at the festival, but the band was turned down by the organising committee.[4]


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