9th Central People's Committee

The 9th Central People's Committee (CPC) of North Korea was elected by the 1st Session of the 8th Supreme People's Assembly on 26 May 1990. The CPC was abolished and replaced on 6 September 1998 by the 10th National Defence Commission.

9th Central People's Committee
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26 May 1990 – 6 September 1998
(8 years, 103 days)
TypeSession of the Central People's Committee
Election1st Session of the 9th Supreme People's Assembly
PresidentKim Il Sung
Secretary-GeneralChi Chang-ik

Members edit

Name Hangul 8th CPC Positions
Kim Il Sung 김일성 Old President of the Republic
Pak Song-chol 박성철 Old Vice President of the Republic
Chi Chang-ik 치창익 Old Secretary-General of the Central People's Committee
Cho Se-ung 조승 Old
Choe Mun-son 최문손 New
Han Song-yong 한성룡 New
Hong Si-hak 현무광 New
Kang Hyon-su 강현수 New
Kang Song-san 강성산 New
Kim Hak-pong 김학퐁 New
Kim Ki-son 김기손 New
Pak Song-il 박송일 New
Yim Hyong-ku 임형구 New
Yom ki-sun 염기선 New

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