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94 East was a Minneapolis-based funk group formed in December 1975 by Pepe Willie, the former husband of Prince's cousin. Willie was one of the people responsible for getting Prince's career up and running, and soon enlisted the talents of a teenage Prince and his childhood best friend, André Cymone. Prince also composed one song for them, "Just Another Sucker". 94 East was fronted by Colonel Abrams, one of the dance music's early pioneers, who went on to a short solo career with a cluster of big hits. The band disbanded when Prince became a star in his own right. The 94 East recordings were recorded between December 1975 and February 1979.[1] The band was named after Interstate 94, which runs through Minneapolis.


All albums are variations and comprehensive versions of Minneapolis Genius.[2]

  • Minneapolis Genius or Minneapolis Genius - The Historic 1977 Recordings (credited as 94 East featuring Prince) (released in 1985 on vinyl and 1987 on CD).
  • Symbolic Beginning (credited as 94 East featuring Prince) (released in 1995, double CD)
  • One Man Jam (credited as Prince and 94 East) (released in 2000, double CD)
  • Just Another Sucker (credited as 94 East) (released in 2004, double CD)

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