8th Mixed Artillery Brigade

From 1 November 2010 it current name is the 8th LAROM Brigade "Alexandru Ioan Cuza". The 8th LAROM Brigade "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" (Brigada 8 LAROM "Alexandru Ioan Cuza") is a Multiple Rocket Launcher brigade of the Romanian Land Forces. It was formed 1 July 1916 (as the 2nd Heavy Artillery Brigade), and was named after the Romanian Domnitor and politician Alexandru Ioan Cuza.

8th LAROM Brigade
Brigada 8 LAROM
8th Brigade insignia.jpg
Official insignia of the 8th LAROM Brigade
Active16 August 1916 - present
BranchRomanian Land Forces
Size5 battalions + other supporting companies
Part ofRomanian Land Forces
Anniversaries1 July
Brigadier General PhD. Florinel Damian

The Brigade is subordinated to the Romanian Land Forces and has its headquarters in Focşani. The high professionalism of the personnel in this unit is the reason why a large number of soldiers in the brigade were, or still are present in various theaters of operations, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Since October 2004, there are no more conscripts in the structures subordinated to the Brigade; all the personnel is professional.

World War IEdit

During World War I and World War II, the 8th Mixed Artillery Brigade was designated as the 2nd Heavy Artillery Brigade with its main subordinated units being the 1st and 5th Heavy Artillery Regiments. The 1st regiment participated in the Battle of Mărăşeşti, while the 5th regiment took part of the Battle of Turtucaia.

World War IIEdit

During World War II, both the 1st and 5th regiments made part of the Romanian forces invading Odessa, the 5th regiment cannons were the first Romanian Army's cannons to hit Odessa. The 1st regiment was also involved in the Battle of Stalingrad (starting with October 1942), and the Battle of Budapest.


  • 8th LAROM Brigade "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" - Focşani
    • 81st LAROM Battalion "Maior Gheorghe Şonţu" - Focşani
    •  83rd Multiple Rocket Launcher Battalion "Bogdan I" - Bârlad
    •  96th Multiple Rocket Launcher Battalion "Mircea Voievod" - Ploieşti
    •  84th Data Acquisition Battalion "Mărăşti" - Focşani
    •  85th Logistics Support Battalion "General Mihail Cerchez" - Bârlad



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