79 A.D. (Italian: Anno 79 - La distruzione di Ercolano, French: Les derniers jours d'Herculanum, also known as The Destruction of Herculaneum) is a 1962 Italian-French epic drama film written and directed by Gianfranco Parolini and starring Brad Harris.[1][2][3]

79 A.D. The Destruction of Herculaneum
79 A.D. poster.jpg
Directed byGianfranco Parolini
Written byGianfranco Parolini
Giovanni Simonelli
StarringBrad Harris
CinematographyFrancesco Izzarelli
Edited byEdmondo Lozzi
Music byCarlo Franci
Release date
  • 1962 (1962)
CountryItaly - France


General Marcus Tiberius, the nephew of Emperor Titus Flavius, returns to Rome in triumph only to find it in turmoil. More and more people are being murdered on the streets, and nefarious members of the Roman Senate are blaming the Christian community. When Marcus is ordered to take action against the Christians, he refuses, so his uncle strips him of all his titles and sends him into exile. However, Marcus is determined to investigate the matter himself. Amidst all the love and intrigue at the emperor's court in A.D 79, a disaster is looming. In the shadow of the volcano, Mount Vesuvius, the city is about to be destroyed along with Herculaneum.



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