63rd Army (Soviet Union)

The 63rd Army was a field army of the Red Army during World War II. It was formed on 10 July 1942, by the order of Headquarters Red Army Supreme Command № 994110, by renaming Stavka's 5th Reserve Army.


Since 12 July 1942 the army was incorporated into the newly created Stalingrad Front for defensive battles on approaches to Stalingrad. On 30 September 1942 Stalingrad Front was renamed as Don Front for the battle within the city. On 29 October 1942 the army subordinated to the reconstructed Southwestern Front for the Operation Uranus counter-offensive. On 4 November 1942 the 63rd Army was reflagged as the 1st Guards Army, which was named the 3rd Guards Army since 5 December.

27 April 1943 the Army was formed for the second time on the basis of the 2nd Reserve Army. Originally it consisted of the 129th, 235th, 250th, 348th, 380th and 397th Rifle Divisions, artillery, engineering, and other parts. On 29 April 1943 the army was incorporated into the Bryansk Front. Initially it conducted defensive operations along the Zusha and Neruch Rivers and the region south of Mtsensk. It participated in Operation Kutuzov at Orel, and the Briansk and Gomel-Rechitsa Offensives. With Markian Popov's Bryansk Front at the Battle of Kursk it comprised the 5th, 41st, 129th, 250th, 287th, 348th and 397th Rifle Divisions. On 8 October 1943 the army was assigned to the Central Front(renamed as Belorussian Front on 20 October 1943). It was disbanded on 18 February 1944, with its troops transferred to the 3rd and 48th armies.


Structure on 1 August 1942Edit

Structure on 1 October 1942Edit

  • Army headquarters
  • 14th Guards Rifle Division
  • 1st Rifle Division
  • 153rd Rifle Division
  • 197th Rifle Division
  • 203rd Rifle Division
  • 6th Guards Cavalry Division- Colonel Belogorodskyi (26 July - 31 December 1942)
  • 1110th Artillery Regiment
  • 1180th Anti-Tank Artillery Regiment
  • 1249th Anti-Tank Artillery Regiment
  • 1250th Anti-Tank Artillery Regiment
  • 1257th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment
  • 26th Machine-gun Battalion
  • 28th Machine-gun Battalion
  • 350th Independent Engineer Brigade
  • 1486th Sapper Battalion

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