5th Parliament of Lower Canada

The 5th Parliament of Lower Canada was in session from April 10, 1809, to May 18, 1809. Elections to the Legislative Assembly in Lower Canada had been held in May 1808. Lieutenant-governor James Henry Craig prorogued the house following the expulsion of Ezekiel Hart by the assembly and the introduction of a bill barring judges from becoming members of the house; he also hoped to reduce representation by the Parti canadien in the election that would follow. All sessions were held at Quebec City.

Riding Member
Bedford William Sturge Moore
Buckinghamshire Louis Legendre
Buckinghamshire Jean-Baptiste Hébert
Cornwallis Joseph Le Vasseur Borgia
Cornwallis Joseph Robitaille
Devon Jean-Baptiste Fortin
Devon François Bernier
Dorchester Pierre Langlois
Dorchester John Caldwell
Effingham Joseph Duclos
Effingham Joseph Meunier
Gaspé George Pyke
Hampshire Antoine-Louis Juchereau Duchesnay
Hampshire François Huot
Hertford Louis Turgeon
Hertford Étienne-Ferréol Roy
Huntingdon Jean-Antoine Panet
Huntingdon Ignace-Michel-Louis-Antoine d'Irumberry de Salaberry
Kent Louis-Joseph Papineau
Kent Joseph-Bernard Planté
Leinster Joseph-Édouard Faribault
Leinster Joseph Turgeon
Montreal County Jean-Baptiste Durocher
Montreal County Louis Roy Portelance
Montreal East James Stuart
Montreal East Jean-Marie Mondelet
Montreal West William McGillivray
Montreal West Denis-Benjamin Viger
Northumberland Augustin Caron
Northumberland Jean-Marie Poulin
Orléans Jérôme Martineau
Quebec County Pierre-Amable de Bonne
Quebec County Ralph Gray
Quebec (Lower Town) John Jones
Quebec (Lower Town) Pierre-Stanislas Bédard
Quebec (Upper Town) Claude Dénéchau
Quebec (Upper Town) John Blackwood
Richelieu Louis Bourdages
Richelieu Hyacinthe-Marie Simon, dit Delorme
Saint-Maurice Thomas Coffin
Saint-Maurice Michel Caron
Surrey Jacques Cartier
Surrey Paschal Chagnon
Trois-Rivières Joseph Badeaux
Trois-Rivières Ezekiel Hart[1]
Warwick Ross Cuthbert
Warwick James Cuthbert
William-Henry Jonathan Sewell[2]
York Jean-Joseph Trestler
York John Mure

References edit

  1. ^ expelled on May 5, 1809, by a vote of the assembly
  2. ^ resigned to become Chief Judge of Lower Canada in August 1808

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