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5381 Sekhmet is an Aten asteroid whose orbit is sometimes closer to the Sun than the Earth's. Carolyn Shoemaker at Palomar Observatory discovered it on 14 May 1991. It is named after Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war.[2]

5381 Sekhmet
Discovery [1]
Discovered byC. S. Shoemaker
Discovery sitePalomar Obs.
Discovery date14 May 1991
MPC designation(5381) Sekhmet
Named after
(Egyptian mythology)[2]
1991 JY
Aten · NEO
Orbital characteristics[1]
Epoch 27 June 2015 (JD 2457200.5)
Uncertainty parameter 0
Observation arc24.00 yr (8,765 days)
Aphelion1.2281 AU
Perihelion0.6667 AU
0.9474 AU
0.92 yr (337 days)
Earth MOID0.1123 AU
Physical characteristics
Dimensions1.42 km[3]
2.8233 h

Sekhmet is believed to be an S-type asteroid, and some believe its diameter is approximately 1.4 km.[3][4]

In December 2003, a team of astronomers at Arecibo Observatory announced that the asteroid may have a moon that measures 300 m in diameter and orbits approximately 1.5 km from Sekhmet.[4] This moon is not yet confirmed.


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