48th General Assembly of Nova Scotia

The 48th General Assembly of Nova Scotia represented Nova Scotia between 1963 and April 20, 1967.

Division of seatsEdit

There were 43 members of the General Assembly, elected in the 1963 Nova Scotia general election.

Leader Party # of Seats
  Earl Wallace Urquhart Liberal 4
  Robert L. Stanfield Progressive Conservative 39
  James H. Aitchison NDP 0
Total 43

List of membersEdit

Riding Name Position
  Annapolis East John I. Marshall
  Annapolis West Peter Murray Nicholson
  Antigonish William F. MacKinnon
  Cape Breton South Donald C. McNeil
  Cape Breton Centre Mike Laffin
  Cape Breton North Tom McKeough
  Cape Breton Nova Percy Gaum
  Cape Breton East Layton Fergusson
  Cape Breton West Edward Manson
  Clare Hector J. Pothier
  Colchester Robert L. Stanfield Premier
  G. I. Smith
  Cumberland East James A. Langille
  Cumberland West D. L. George Henley
  Cumberland Centre Stephen T. Pyke Minister of Highways
  Digby Robert Baden Powell
  Guysborough Alex "Tando" MacIsaac
  Halifax South Richard A. Donahoe
  Halifax Centre Donald M. Smith
  Halifax North James H. Vaughan
  Halifax Northwest G. H. Fitzgerald
  Halifax East Nelson Gaetz
  Halifax West D. C. McNeil
  Halifax County Dartmouth Irvin William Akerley
  Hants East Albert J. Ettinger
  Hants West Norman T. Spence
  Inverness Norman J. MacLean
  William N. MacLean
  Kings North Gladys M. Porter
  Kings South Edward Haliburton
  Kings West Paul Kinsman
  Lunenburg Centre George O. Lohnes
  Lunenburg East Maurice L. Zinck
  Lunenburg West Harley J. Spence
  Pictou East A. Lloyd MacDonald
  Pictou West Harvey Veniot speaker
  Pictou Centre Donald R. MacLeod
  Queens W. S. Kennedy Jones
  Richmond Gerald Doucet
  Shelburne James M. Harding
  Victoria Carleton L. MacMillan
  Yarmouth George A. Snow
  George A. Burridge


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