47th Group Army

The 47th Group Army was a group army (corps-sized formation) of the People's Liberation Army It was stationed at Lintong District, Xi'an, Shaanxi as part of the Lanzhou Military Region.[1] It was disbanded in 2016-17, during the Chinese military reforms which had begun two years earlier.

People's Liberation Army 47th Group Army
China Emblem PLA.svg
People's Liberation Army Flag of the People's Republic of China
Active1948 - 2017
Country People's Republic of China
Branch139th Mechanised Infantry Brigade
55th Motorised Infantry Brigade
56th Motorised Infantry Brigade
9th Armoured Brigade
1st Artillery Brigade
Anti-Aircraft Brigade
Part ofLanzhou Military Region
Garrison/HQ China Shaanxi Xi'an Lintong District
MarchMilitary Anthem of the People's Liberation Army
EngagementsLong March
Second Sino-Japanese War
Chinese Civil War
Korean War
Sino-Vietnamese War
Peng Dehuai
Xiao Ke
Wang Zhen
Liang Xingchu
Guo Boxiong
Chang Wanquan

The 160th Division was created in March 1949 basing on[clarification needed] the 1st Training Division of Northeastern Military Region. The division became a part of 47th Corps. In August 1949 the division was disbanded.



  • Liang Xingchu: 1948-May 1949
  • Cao Lihuai: 1949-1952
  • Zhang Tianyun: 1952-1956
  • Li Huamin: 1956-1960
  • Yan Deming: 1960-1964
  • Li Yuan: 1964-1975
  • Hu Bohua: 1975-1980
  • Zhang Defu: 1980
  • Dong Zhanlin: 1985
  • Qian Shugen: 1985-1992
  • Guo Boxiong: 1992-1994
  • Zou Gengwang: 1996-2000
  • Chang Wanquan: 2000-2002
  • Xu Fenlin: 2002-2003
  • Peng Yong: 2003-2011
  • Cao Yimin: 2011-2013
  • Zhang Lianyi: 2013–present

Political commissarsEdit

  • Zhou Chiping
  • Li Renlin
  • Liu Xianquan
  • Chen Fahong
  • Sun Zheng