3rd Command and Control Squadron

The United States Air Force's 3d Command and Control Squadron (3 CACS) was a command and control unit located at Offutt AFB, Nebraska.

3d Command and Control Squadron
3d Command and Control Squadron.png
Active11 January 1996-31 July 1999[1][2]
CountryUnited States
BranchUnited States Air Force
TypeCommand and Control
RoleSpace Surveillance C2
Part ofAFSPC
Garrison/HQOffutt AFB, Nebraska
DecorationsOutstanding Unit ribbon.svg AFOUA


The 3d Command and Control Squadron mission was shrouded in secrecy, however some details from its location, successor unit, and unit emblem shed some light on its operations.


Emblem SignificanceEdit

The device in the center of the disc is a Hydra, a creature which in mythology had several heads. These heads represent the multiple sensor sites of the 3 CACS, which provide continuous, worldwide surveillance. According to mythology, the hydra in combat could detect an attack from any direction even with the loss of a head. Similarly, 3 CACS maintains global coverage even if one of its sensors is put out of operation. This global capability is further amplified by the motto of the unit: "Watching the World".

The disc is divided by the colors black and white which represent night and day. The squadron works night and day. The line of USAF yellow dividing these colors symbolizes the sun which divides the day and night. The USAF blue in the scrolls suggests the sky, the medium in which the Air Force operates. The USAF yellow in the emblem's borders and in the lettering in the scroll denotes the excellence required of Air Force personnel. The motto describes the mission of 3 CACS and how the men and women continuously carry out their mission.[2]

Previous designations[3]Edit


  • Major Michael J. Morgan (30 Jun 1998-Aug 1999)[6][7]
  • Lt Col Diann Latham (11 Mar 1996-???)[8]

Bases stationedEdit

Equipment Operated[9]Edit

  • Communications System Segment Replacement (CSSR)
  • Survivable Communications Integration System (SCIS)
  • Command and Control Processing and Display System Replacement (CCPDS-R)



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