36th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island

The 36th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island was in session from February 2, 1908, to December 5, 1911. The Liberal Party led by Francis Haszard formed the government. After Haszard accepted an appointment to the province's Supreme Court, Herbert James Palmer became Liberal party leader and Premier in May 1911; when he ran for reelection on November 15, 1911, he was defeated and the Liberals lost their majority, forcing an election.

There were three sessions of the 36th General Assembly:

Session Start End
1st February 2, 1908 March 22, 1908
2nd February 15, 1910 April 8, 1910
3rd March 7, 1911 April 26, 1911

Matthew Smith was elected speaker.



District Assemblyman Party Councillor Party
1st Kings     John McLean Conservative     Lauchlin MacDonald Liberal
2nd Kings     Robert Cox Liberal     James McInnis Liberal
3rd Kings     Walter A. O. Morson Conservative     John A. MacDonald Conservative
4th Kings     Albert P. Prowse Conservative     Murdock MacKinnon Conservative
5th Kings     Archibald J. MacDonald Conservative     John Alexander Mathieson Conservative


District Assemblyman Party Councillor Party
1st Prince     Benjamin Gallant Liberal     John Agnew Liberal
2nd Prince     John Richards Liberal     Alfred McWilliams Liberal
3rd Prince     Aubin Edmond Arsenault Conservative     Hector Dobie Conservative
4th Prince     James Kennedy Conservative    
Joseph Read[1]

Michael C. Delaney (1909)



5th Prince     James A. MacNeill Conservative     J. Edward Wyatt Conservative


District Assemblyman Party Councillor Party
1st Queens     Matthew Smith[2]

Cyrus Crosby (1909)

Liberal     Murdock Kennedy Conservative
2nd Queens     William Laird[1]

George W. McPhee (1911)

Liberal     John McMillan Liberal
3rd Queens     Herbert James Palmer[3]

George F. Dewar (1911)



    James H. Cummiskey Liberal
4th Queens     David P. Irving Liberal     Francis L. Haszard[4]

Alexander Macphail (1911)



5th Queens     James Warburton Liberal     George E. Hughes Liberal


  1. ^ a b resigned
  2. ^ died in 1909
  3. ^ named Premier; defeated in 1911 by-election
  4. ^ named judge

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