31st Legislature of Yukon

The 31st Yukon Legislative Assembly convened in 2002, after the victory of the Yukon Party led by Dennis Fentie in the 2002 Yukon general election. The Yukon Party formed the territorial government, Dennis Fentie became the premier, and Ted Staffen became the speaker.

Membership in the 31st AssemblyEdit

The following members were elected to the 31st Yukon Legislative Assembly in the general election of November 4, 2002:[1]

  Member Party Electoral district
  Haakon Arntzen Yukon Party Copperbelt
  Peter Jenkins Yukon Party Klondike
  Gary McRobb NDP Kluane
  Brad Cathers Yukon Party Lake Laberge
  John Edzerza Yukon Party McIntyre-Takhini
  Eric Fairclough NDP Mayo-Tatchun
  Steve Cardiff NDP Mount Lorne
  Dean Hassard Yukon Party Pelly-Nisutlin
  Archie Lang Yukon Party Porter Creek Centre
  Jim Kenyon Yukon Party Porter Creek North
  Pat Duncan Liberal Porter Creek South
  Ted Staffen Yukon Party Riverdale North
  Glenn Hart Yukon Party Riverdale South
  Patrick Rouble Yukon Party Southern Lakes
  Lorraine Peter NDP Vuntut Gwitchin
  Dennis Fentie Yukon Party Watson Lakes
  Todd Hardy Yukon Party Whitehorse Centre
  Elaine Taylor Yukon Party Whitehorse West

Standings changes after the 2002 general electionEdit

Number of members
per party by date
2002 2004 2005 2005
Nov 4 Apr 28 Nov 21 Nov 28
  Yukon Party 12 11 11 10
  NDP 5 5 5 5
  Liberal Party 1 1 2 2
  Independent 0 1 0 1
Total members 18
Vacant 0
Government Majority 6 4 2 2

Membership changesEdit

Membership changes in the 33rd Assembly
Date Name District Party Reason
  April 28, 2004 Haakon Arntzen Copperbelt Independent Left the Yukon Party caucus to sit as an Independent.
  November 21, 2005 Arthur Mitchell Copperbelt Liberal Party Arthur Mitchell succeeded Haakon Arntzen in the Copperbelt By-Election.
  November 28, 2005 Peter Jenkins Klondike Independent Peter Jenkins left the Yukon Party caucus and cabinet due to outstanding loans to the territorial government.[2]


A by-election was held in the district of Copperbelt in 2005:[3]

Electoral district Member elected Affiliation Election date Reason
Copperbelt Arthur Mitchell Liberal Party November 21, 2005 Haakon Arntzen was convicted for indecent assault and resigned on September 9, 2005[4]


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