31st General Assembly of Prince Edward Island

The 31st General Assembly of Prince Edward Island was in session from March 27, 1890, to November 13, 1893. The Liberal Party led by Frederick Peters formed a government after the Conservatives lost their majority in the 1890 election.

There were four sessions of the 31st General Assembly:

Session Start End
1st March 27, 1890 May 7, 1890
2nd April 23, 1891 July 15, 1891
3rd March 23, 1892 May 5, 1892
4th March 8, 1893 April 20, 1893

Patrick Blake was elected speaker in 1890; after Blake resigned his seat in 1891, Bernard D. McLellan was chosen as speaker.

Members edit

Electoral district Member Party
1st Kings John McLean[1] Conservative
Alexander Robertson (1891) Liberal
1st Kings James R. McLean Liberal
2nd Kings J.P. Sullivan Conservative
2nd Kings J.C. Underhay Conservative
3rd Kings H.L. McDonald[2] Conservative
James E. MacDonald (1890) Conservative
3rd Kings Cyrus Shaw Conservative
4th Kings James Clow Conservative
4th Kings Angus MacLeod Liberal
5th Kings Daniel Gordon Conservative
5th Kings Archibald J. MacDonald Conservative
1st Prince John A. Matheson Liberal
1st Prince Bernard D. McLellan Liberal
2nd Prince John Yeo[1] Liberal
Alfred McWilliams (1891) Liberal
2nd Prince James Richards Conservative
3rd Prince J.M. Montgomery Liberal
3rd Prince Joseph O. Arsenault Conservative
4th Prince George W. Bentley Conservative
4th Prince John H. Bell Liberal
5th Prince Angus McMillan Liberal
5th Prince David Rogers Conservative
1st Queens James M. Sutherland[3] Conservative
Alexander Bannerman Warburton (1891) Liberal
1st Queens Peter Sinclair Conservative
2nd Queens Donald Farquharson Liberal
2nd Queens Donald McKay Conservative
3rd Queens Donald Ferguson[4] Conservative
J. H. Cummiskey (1891) Liberal
3rd Queens Frederick Peters Liberal
4th Queens George Forbes Liberal
4th Queens Hector C. McDonald Liberal
5th Queens Neil McLeod Conservative
5th Queens Patrick Blake[4] Conservative
John Theophilus Jenkins (1891) Conservative


  1. ^ a b elected to federal seat
  2. ^ died in 1890
  3. ^ resigned seat
  4. ^ a b ran unsuccessfully for federal seat

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