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The 31st Airborne Battalion (Swedish: 31. Luftburna bataljonen) is an elite light infantry unit of the Swedish Army trained for air assault operations. The unit is part of the Life Regiment Hussars and is based in Karlsborg.

31st Airborne Battalion
31. Luftburna bataljonen
Active2003–2013, 2016–present
Country Sweden
AllegianceSwedish Armed Forces
BranchSwedish Army
TypeAirborne/Light infantry
RoleDirect action
Air assault
Special Operations support
Part ofLife Regiment Hussars
EngagementsWar in Afghanistan (2001–present)
Military patch31. Luftburna bataljon tygmärke.jpg


Operations and trainingEdit

The battalion is a rapid reaction force and is supported by helicopters and transport aircraft. Advance to contact on the ground is to be carried out with the units own light all terrain vehicles or on foot. The unit is built on man-portable systems and operates in a, for the purpose, composed task force. It is considered the most mobile unit in the Swedish Army due to its light nature and ability to be transported via air and dropped by parachute, and have a good ability to use precision guided weapons. The battalion is also tasked with providing infantry support to the Special Operations Task Group. The battalion continuously deployed to Afghanistan until the Swedish ISAF mission ended.

All recruits applying for service with the battalion undergo the same basic training as every other recruit in the Armed Forces (3 months). Though they are required to undertake a selection course in order to be considered for further training and service with the battalion. Training to become a Ranger with the battalion is 6–8 months excluding basic training.


Prior to 2013, the battalion consists of the following squadrons:

  • 311. Airborne Squadron
  • 312. Airborne Squadron
  • 313. Airborne Squadron
  • 314. Airborne Squadron
  • 315. HQ & Support Squadron

Each rifle squadron (311. 312. and 313.) consisted of three rifle platoons, one mortar platoon and one HQ/support platoon. The supply squadron (314.) of a pioneer platoon, a supply platoon and medical platoon. The HQ/support squadron (315.) consisted of the battalion HQ, a command & control platoon (also includes the battalions TACP) and a reconnaissance platoon.

After temporarily being disbanded and re-organized the battalion was re-instated as a battle group (although retaining the classification as a battalion) in 2015. In its current form it's made up of three squadrons:

  • 310. HQ & Support Squadron
  • 311. Airborne Squadron
  • 312. Airborne Squadron

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