30 Days (magazine)

30 Days (meaning 30 Giorni in Italian) was an Italian monthly magazine of ecclesiastical geopolitics that is widely read in the Roman Curia. It existed between 1988 and 2012.

30 Days
FounderFather Joseph Fessio[1]
First issue2 March 1988
Final issueSummer 2012
Based inRome
Website30 Days

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30 Days was first published on 2 March 1988.[1] Father Joseph Fessio was the founder.[1] The magazine was directed by the most "curial" of Italy's veteran Catholic politicians, senator for life Giulio Andreotti from 1993 to 2012.[2] Published monthly[1] in six languages, it reached all the dioceses of the world, and fully reflected the politics of Vatican diplomacy. The last issue of 30 Days appeared in Summer 2012.[3]

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