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305mm/45 Modèle 1906 gun

The 305mm/45 Modèle 1906 gun was a heavy naval gun of the French Navy.

305mm/45 Modèle 1906 gun
Courbet in Toulon-Agence Rol.jpeg
Main guns of the Courbet
TypeNaval gun
Place of originFrance
Service history
Used by French Navy
WarsWorld War I
World War II
Mass54.65 metric tons (53.79 long tons)
Barrel length12.775 meters (41 ft 11.0 in)

ShellSeparate charges
Shell weight440 kilograms (970 lb)
Caliber305 millimeters (12.0 in)
Breech1906: Manz interrupted screw
1910: Welin interrupted screw[1]
Rate of fire1.5 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity780 meters per second (2,600 ft/s)
Maximum firing range14,500 meters (15,900 yd) at +12°

The type was used on the Danton-class battleship, mounted in two twin turrets. An improved version, the 305mm/45 Modèle 1910 gun, was installed on the Courbet class. Six surplus guns were modified to become railway guns and designated Canon de 305 modèle 1906/10 à glissement at the end of World War I and although too late to see action they were used during the Second World War.

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