2nd Ukrainian Front

The 2nd Ukrainian Front (2-й Украинский фронт), was a front of the Red Army during the Second World War.

2nd Ukrainian Front
2gi ukraiński.jpg
Standard of the 2nd Ukrainian Front
Country Soviet Union
BranchRed Army flag.svg Red Army
TypeArmy group
RoleCo-ordination and conduct of Red Army Operations in Ukraine, South-Eastern and Central Europe
EngagementsWorld War II


On October 20, 1943 the Steppe Front was renamed the 2nd Ukrainian Front.

During the second Jassy-Kishinev Operation, 2nd Ukrainian Front, led by Army General Rodion Malinovsky, comprised:[citation needed]

On 1 January 1945, during the Siege of Budapest, the Front consisted of the

On 10 June 1945, in accordance with a Stavka directive of 29 May 1945, the 2nd Ukrainian Front was disbanded. Elements thereof were incorporated into Headquarters Odessa Military District.


  • Army General Ivan Konev (July 1943 - May 1944) (since February 1944 Marshal of the Soviet Union)
  • Army General Rodion Malinovsky (May 1944 - May 1945) (since September 1944 Marshal of the Soviet Union)

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