2nd Golden Raspberry Awards

The 2nd Golden Raspberry Awards were held on March 29, 1982, at an Oscar night potluck party to recognize the worst the film industry had to offer in 1981.

2nd Golden Raspberry Awards
DateMarch 29, 1982
SiteOscar night potluck party
Hosted byJohn J. B. Wilson
Worst PictureMommie Dearest
Most awardsMommie Dearest (5)
Most nominationsMommie Dearest (9)

James Coco, nominated for worst supporting actor for his performance in Only When I Laugh, also received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the same performance, a feat not repeated until double supporting actress nominee Amy Irving in 1984.

Winners and nomineesEdit

Bo Derek, Worst Actress co-winner
Faye Dunaway, Worst Actress co-winner
Steve Forrest, Worst Supporting Actor winner
John Barry, Worst Musical Score winner
Worst Career Achievement Award

Films with multiple nominationsEdit

These films received multiple nominations:

Nominations Films
9 Mommie Dearest
6 Endless Love
Tarzan, the Ape Man
5 Heaven's Gate
The Legend of the Lone Ranger
2 On the Right Track
Only When I Laugh
Under the Rainbow

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