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2nd Alpine Division Tridentina

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The 2nd Alpine Division Tridentina was a World War II Mountain Infantry division of the Italian Army. The Alpini that formed the divisions are a highly decorated and elite mountain corps of the Italian Army comprising both infantry and artillery units. After World War II, the traditions and name of the 2nd Alpine Division Tridentina were carried on by the Alpine Brigade Tridentina.

2a Divisione Alpina Tridentina
2a Divisione Alpina Tridentina.png
Coat of Arms of the 2nd Alpine Division Tridentina
Active10 September 1935 – 28 January 1943
BranchRegio Esercito
RoleMountain Infantry
Size17,460 men
Part ofItalian Alpine Corps
EngagementsWorld War II
Italian participation in the Eastern Front
General Luigi Reverberi


The division was created by expanding the 2nd Alpine Brigade and activated on 10 September 1935 as 2nd Alpine Division Tridentina. The name Tridentina was chosen as the division was based in the Trentino-Alto Adige region, for which the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini had created the neologism Venezia Tridentina as new name.

Order of battleEdit


The division participated in the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union. The division was all but destroyed in the retreat of axis forces following the Soviet Operation Little Saturn in 1943. The remnants of the Tridentina distinguished themselves during the retreat by breaking through a Soviet encirclement attempt at the Battle of Nikolayevka.

Cold WarEdit

During the Cold War the divisions name, flag and traditions were carried on by the Alpine Brigade Tridentina.


In 2002 the Italian Army decided to raise three division commands, with one of the three always readily deployable for NATO missions. The army decided that each of the three should carry on the traditions of one of the divisions that served with distinction in World War II. Therefore, on 1 January 2003 the Division Command Tridentina was activated in Bolzano which carries on the traditions of the 2nd Alpine Division Tridentina and the Alpine Brigade Tridentina.

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