27th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island

The 27th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island was in session from March 15, 1877, to March 12, 1879. The first government formed was a Protestant coalition led by Louis Henry Davies. After the coalition failed, the Conservative Party led by William Wilfred Sullivan formed a government.

There were three sessions of the 27th General Assembly:

Session Start End
1st March 15, 1877 April 18, 1877
2nd March 14, 1878 April 18, 1878
3rd February 27, 1879 March 11, 1879

Henry Beer was elected speaker.

Members edit

Electoral district Member Party
1st Kings James R. McLean Liberal
1st Kings Lauchlin MacDonald Liberal
2nd Kings William W. Sullivan Conservative
2nd Kings Hilary McIsaac Conservative
3rd Kings James E. MacDonald Conservative
3rd Kings John G. Scrimgeour Liberal
4th Kings James Robertson Liberal
4th Kings Samuel Prowse Conservative
5th Kings Daniel Gordon Conservative
5th Kings Lewis J. Westaway Liberal
1st Prince Nicholas Conroy Liberal
1st Prince Edward Hackett Independent
2nd Prince John Yeo Conservative
2nd Prince James W. Richards Conservative
3rd Prince Joseph O. Arsenault Conservative
3rd Prince John A. MacDonald Conservative
4th Prince John R. Calhoun Liberal
4th Prince William C. Lea Liberal
5th Prince Angus McMillan Liberal
5th Prince John Lefurgey Conservative
1st Queens William Dunbar Stewart Conservative
1st Queens William Campbell Conservative
2nd Queens Donald McKay Conservative
2nd Queens Donald Farquharson Liberal
3rd Queens Francis Kelly Conservative
3rd Queens Henry Beer Liberal
4th Queens William Welsh Liberal
4th Queens John F. Robertson Independent
5th Queens Louis H. Davies Liberal
5th Queens George W. Deblois Conservative


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