2023 Columbus, Ohio City Council Election

The 2023 Columbus City Council election was held on November 7, 2023, to elect the nine members of the Columbus City Council. Primary elections were scheduled for May 2, 2023, but were cancelled as no more than two candidates were placed on the ballot for any ward (the top two candidates in each ward would have advanced to the general election).

2023 Columbus City Council election

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9 seats on the Columbus City Council
5 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party
Party Democratic
Last election 7
Seats won 9
Seat change Increase2[a]

President before election

Shannon Hardin

Elected President


Background edit

This was the first municipal election to held under the new hybrid at-large council structure approved by Columbus voters in a 2018 referendum. Following this election, the total number of councillors was increased from seven to nine, each representing a single ward (as opposed to the at-large representation of previous councils). However, voters are able to select their preferred candidate in all nine wards, rather than only the ward in which they are registered to vote.[citation needed]

2018 Columbus city charter amendment
Choice Votes %
  Yes 64,285 75.06
No 21,358 24.94
Total votes 85,643 100.00

To ensure that council terms remain staggered, councillors elected in 2023 will draw lots at the beginning of the 2024 council session, with five members serving a four-year term and four members serving a two-year term (increasing to four years after the 2025 municipal election).[1][2]

Notably, with the addition of two new seats (and incumbent councillor Mitchell Brown not running for re-election), this was the first time since 1997 that non-incumbent candidates were elected.[3]

Results edit

Note: Columbus City Council is officially non-partisan and all candidates appear on the ballot without a party affiliation. Affiliations listed here are according to the candidates themselves and party endorsement lists.

District 1 edit

Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Chris Wyche 143,059 100.0
Total votes 143,059 100.0

District 2 edit

Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Nancy Day-Achauer 122,930 71.6
Republican Luis Gil 48,746 28.4
Total votes 171,676 100.0

District 3 edit

Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Rob Dorans (incumbent) 142,045 100.0
Total votes 142,045 100.0

District 4 edit

Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Emmanuel Remy (incumbent) 102,069 59.5
Democratic Adrienne Hood 69,576 40.5
Total votes 171,645 100.0

District 5 edit

Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Nick Bankston (incumbent) 120,634 69.8
Independent Farxaan Jeyte 52,265 30.3
Total votes 172,899 100.0

District 6 edit

Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Melissa Green 144,327 100.0
Total votes 144,327 100.0

District 7 edit

Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Shayla Favor (incumbent) 145,504 100.0
Total votes 145,504 100.0

District 8 edit

Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Lourdes Barroso De Padilla (incumbent) 141,637 100.0
Total votes 141,637 100.0

District 9 edit

Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Shannon Hardin (incumbent) 141,205 100.0
Total votes 141,205 100.0

Notes edit

  1. ^ The total number of seats was increased from 7 to 9 for this election.
  2. ^ Officially nonpartisan

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