On 20 January 2021, an explosion occurred in a building on Calle de Toledo in Madrid, Spain, causing it to partially collapse.[1] The blast killed four people and wounded ten others.[2]

2021 Madrid explosion
Date20 January 2021
Time14:55 CET
LocationCalle de Toledo, Madrid, Spain
Coordinates40°24′29.5″N 3°42′40.0″W / 40.408194°N 3.711111°W / 40.408194; -3.711111
CauseGas leak
Non-fatal injuries10

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At about 14:55 CET, at a residence which provided training for Catholic priests and gave meals to homeless people, on Calle de Toledo, in Madrid, Spain, neighbors felt a weird smell. When they were trying to find out where it came from, the building exploded because of a gas leak originated in the street. This massive explosion partially destroyed the building but didn't leave anybody under the debris.[3] Four men were killed in the blast: a 35-year-old electrician, who was also a parishioner and had gone there to visit his friend, the priest; a 45-year-old bricklayer who was working nearby the scene; a 46-year-old Bulgarian passerby; and a 36-year-old parish priest who died in hospital the day after the explosion.[4] Ten other people were wounded, including one in critical condition. The building was seriously damaged in the incident, with the top four floors being totally destroyed. A nearby school and a nursing home were also affected by the blast but nobody was hurt in those two locations; the nursing home was evacuated.[5]

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