2021 European Short Track Speed Skating Championships

The 2021 European Short Track Speed Skating Championships were held from 22 to 24 January 2021 in Gdańsk, Poland.[1]

2021 European Championships
2021 European Short Track Speed Skating Championships.svg
VenueHala Olivia
LocationPoland Gdańsk, Poland
Dates22–24 January

Due to fears around the COVID-19 pandemic seven time European champion Arianna Fontana will not take part.[2] Neither will two time European champion Elise Christie and the rest of the British team.[3][4]

Medal summaryEdit

  *   Host nation (Poland)

1  Netherlands52512
2  Russia4138
3  France1001
4  Italy0314
5  Germany0213
6  Hungary0101
Totals (7 nations)10101030


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Overall Semion Elistratov
71 pts Pietro Sighel
55 pts Itzhak de Laat
55 pts
500 metres Konstantin Ivliev
40.779 Pietro Sighel
40.896 Itzhak de Laat
1000 metres Semion Elistratov
1:24.885 John-Henry Krueger
1:25.232 Itzhak de Laat
1500 metres Semion Elistratov
2:18.384 Denis Ayrapetyan
2:18.521 Sjinkie Knegt
5000 metre relay   Netherlands
Itzhak de Laat
Dylan Hoogerwerf
Sjinkie Knegt
Jens van 't Wout
Friso Emons
6:56.420   Italy
Andrea Cassinelli
Yuri Confortola
Pietro Sighel
Luca Spechenhauser
6:56.544   Russia
Semion Elistratov
Daniil Eybog
Konstantin Ivliev
Pavel Sitnikov
Denis Ayrapetyan


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Overall Suzanne Schulting
102 pts Anna Seidel
55 pts Sofia Prosvirnova
53 pts
500 metres Suzanne Schulting
43.317 Natalia Maliszewska
43.441 Xandra Velzeboer
1000 metres Suzanne Schulting
1:28.573 Selma Poutsma
1:28.873 Anna Seidel
1500 metres Suzanne Schulting
2:24.446 Anna Seidel
2:24.777 Sofia Prosvirnova
3000 metre relay   France
Gwendoline Daudet
Tifany Huot-Marchand
Aurélie Lévêque
Aurélie Monvoisin
4:17.135   Netherlands
Rianne de Vries
Selma Poutsma
Suzanne Schulting
Xandra Velzeboer
Georgie Dalrymple
4:23.161   Italy
Gloria Ioriatti
Cynthia Mascitto
Arianna Sighel
Martina Valcepina
Elena Viviani


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