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The 2018 Little League World Series was held from August 16 to August 26 at the Little League headquarters complex in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Eight teams from the United States and eight teams from around the world competed in the 72nd edition of the tournament.[1] Honolulu Little League of Honolulu, Hawaii defeated South Seoul Little League of Seoul, South Korea in the championship by a 3–0 score.[2] It was the third championship for a team from Hawaii, having won previously in 2005 and 2008.

2018 Little League World Series
Little League World Series official logo 2018.png
DatesAugust 16–August 26
Teams participating16
ChampionUnited StatesHawaii Honolulu Little League, Honolulu, Hawaii
Runner-upSouth Korea South Seoul Little League, Seoul, South Korea
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Regional qualifying tournaments were held between June and August 2018.

United States International
  Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan
Great Lakes Region
Grosse Pointe Woods-Shores Little League
  Seoul, South Korea
Asia-Pacific and Middle East Region
South Seoul Little League
  Staten Island, New York
Mid-Atlantic Region
Mid-Island Little League
  Gold Coast, Queensland
  Australia Region
Gold Coast Little League
  Des Moines, Iowa
Midwest Region
Grandview Little League
  Surrey, British Columbia
  Canada Region
Whalley Little League
  Coventry, Rhode Island
New England Region
Coventry Little League
  Guayama, Puerto Rico
Caribbean Region
Radames López Little League
  Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Northwest Region
Coeur d'Alene Little League
  Barcelona, Spain
Europe and Africa Region
Catalunya Little League
  Peachtree City, Georgia
Southeast Region
Peachtree City American Little League
  Kawaguchi, Saitama
  Japan Region
Kawaguchi Little League
  Houston, Texas
Southwest Region
Post Oak Little League
  Arraiján, Panama
Latin America Region
Vacamonte Little League
  Honolulu, Hawaii
West Region
Honolulu Little League
  Matamoros, Tamaulipas
  Mexico Region
Matamoros A.C. Little League


The draw to determine the opening round pairings took place on June 14, 2018.[3][4]

United States bracketEdit

August 16 – Game 2
  New York5
August 19 – Game 14
  New York2
August 16 – Game 4
  Rhode Island1
August 22 – Game 24 (F/5)
  New York0
August 17 – Game 6
August 19 – Game 16
August 17 – Game 8 (F/11)
August 25 – U.S. championship
August 18 – Game 10
August 20 – Game 18
  Rhode Island5
August 22 – Game 22
August 18 – Game 12
August 20 – Game 20 (F/9)
August 23 – Game 26
  New York3

International bracketEdit

August 16 – Game 1 (F/9)
  Puerto Rico2
August 19 – Game 13
  South Korea4
  South Korea5
August 16 – Game 3
August 22 – Game 23 (F/4)
  South Korea10
August 17 – Game 5 (F/5)
August 19 – Game 15
August 17 – Game 7
August 25 – International championship
  South Korea2
August 18 – Game 9
  Puerto Rico6
August 20 – Game 17
  Puerto Rico3
August 22 – Game 21
  Puerto Rico9
August 18 – Game 11 (F/10)
August 20 – Game 19
August 23 – Game 25
  Puerto Rico0

Consolation gamesEdit

Teams that lose their first two games get to play a consolation game against a team from the other side of the bracket that also lost its first two games. These games are labeled Game A and Game B.

Game A
August 20 – Lamade Stadium (F/4)
  Rhode Island15
Game B
August 23 – Lamade Stadium

Third place gameEdit

This consolation game is played between the runner-up of the United States championship and the runner-up of the International championship.

Third place game
August 26 – Lamade Stadium

World ChampionshipEdit

Little League World Championship
August 26 – Lamade Stadium
  South Korea0
2018 Little League World Series Champions
Honolulu Little League
Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

Champions pathEdit

The Honolulu LL reached the LLWS with an undefeated record in seven games.[5] In total, their record was 12–0.

Round Opposition Result
Hawaiʻi State Tournament
Winner's Bracket Semifinals Waipiʻo LL 4–2 (F/7)
Winner's Bracket Final Hilo LL 5–4
Finals Waipiʻo LL 11–0 (F/4)
West Regional Tournament
Winner's Bracket Opening Round   Sunnyside LL 7–3
Winner's Bracket Semifinal   Dixie LL 8–2
Semifinal   Silverado LL 5–1
Finals   Tri-City LL 11–2

MLB Little League ClassicEdit

On September 29, 2017, Major League Baseball announced that the second MLB Little League Classic would be played on August 19, 2018, between the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies. The game was again played at BB&T Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field,[6] with the Mets winning, 8–2.[7]


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