2018 Fast5 Netball World Series

The 2018 Fast5 Netball World Series was the ninth staging of the annual Fast5 Netball World Series, and the sixth to be played under the new Fast5 rules, which replaced the older fastnet rules introduced in 2009. The tournament was held in Australia for the third time at Melbourne Arena in Melbourne, Victoria.[1]

2018 Fast5 Netball World Series
Tournament details
Host nation Australia
Dates27–28 October 2018
No. of nations6
Final positions
Champions New Zealand
Runner-up Jamaica
2019 →

The tournament was contested by the same six teams that competed last year.



18 matches are played over two days, under the Fast5 rules of netball. Each team plays each other once during the first two days in a round-robin format. The two highest-scoring teams from this stage progress to the Grand Final while the remaining teams contest the third-fourth place playoff match and fifth-sixth place playoff match.


The tournament is contested by the six top national netball teams in the world, according to the INF World Rankings:



Saturday 27 October (Round Robin Matches)
Game Time (AEDST) Match Details
1 13:45   Australia 29-15   Malawi Stats (Replay)
2 14:30   South Africa 27-47   Jamaica Stats (Replay)
3 15:15   New Zealand 32-19   England Stats (Replay)
4 16:00   Australia 37-22   Jamaica Stats (Replay)
5 16:45   England 26-27   Malawi Stats (Replay)
6 17:30   New Zealand 39-36   South Africa Stats (Replay)
7 18:15   Jamaica 35-30   Malawi Stats (Replay)
8 19:00   England 25-28   South Africa Stats (Replay)
9 19:45   Australia 32-34   New Zealand Stats (Replay)
Sunday 28 October (Round Robin Matches)
Game Time (AEDST) Match Details
10 12:15   Malawi 33-32   South Africa Stats (Replay)
11 13:00   Australia 28-29   England Stats (Replay)
12 13:45   New Zealand 22-23   Jamaica Stats (Replay)
13 14:30   Australia 50-20   South Africa Stats (Replay)
14 15:15   New Zealand 36-16   Malawi Stats (Replay)
15 16:00   Jamaica 42-37   England Stats (Replay)


Sunday 28 October (Placement Matches)
Game Time (AEDST) Match Details
16 17:25   South Africa 33-35   England 5th/6th Playoff
(Stats / Replay)
17 18:05   Australia 38-15   Malawi 3rd/4th Playoff
(Stats / Replay)
18 19:00   Jamaica 33-34   New Zealand Final
(Stats / Replay)

Final PlacingsEdit


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