2017 Pattani bombing

On 9 May 2017, two bombs exploded at a Big C supermarket in Pattani, Thailand. Some 80 people were confirmed injured, some seriously and no deaths were reported. Most of the wounded received treatment at the scene, but 21 people were taken to hospital with serious injuries.[1][2][3][4][5]

2017 Pattani bombing
Part of the South Thailand Insurgency
Amphoe 9401.png
LocationPattani, Pattani Province, Thailand
Coordinates6°51′43″N 101°13′53″E / 6.862048°N 101.231419°E / 6.862048; 101.231419Coordinates: 6°51′43″N 101°13′53″E / 6.862048°N 101.231419°E / 6.862048; 101.231419
Date9 May 2017
02:50 PM Thailand time (UTC+07:00)
Attack type
Car bomb
WeaponImprovised explosive device
Injured80 (4 seriously)
PerpetratorsBarisan Revolusi Nasional (suspected)


The attack took place around 2:50 PM Thai time (07:50 UTC) when the first bomb planted on a motorcycle occurred near the entrance at the Big C supermarket. 10 minutes later, a second blast a larger and more powerful explosion which was planted inside a bag on a pickup truck, exploded occurred outside the building entrance.

Before that, the Big C supermarket here was bombed twice before. The first time on 1 August 2005 and the second one took place on 11 March 2012.


Thai police suspected that the perpetrators were most likely Pattani Muslim separatists. On 10 May, Pattani Police initially believed that three groups of six people were involved in the bombings.[6] A massive manhunt has been launched for four men who were allegedly involved in the twin blasts, who had suspected links to Barisan Revolusi Nasional.[7]

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