2014 Tasmanian Legislative Council periodic election

Periodic elections for the Tasmanian Legislative Council were held on 3 May 2014. The two seats up for election were the electoral division of Huon and the electoral division of Rosevears. These seats were last contested in 2008.


Independent MLC Paul Harriss held Huon from 1996. In 2014, Harriss resigned from the Legislative Council to successfully contest the Tasmanian House of Assembly seat of Franklin as a Liberal candidate at the 2014 state election.[1] The favourite prior to the election was Peter Hodgman, the uncle of Premier Will Hodgman who had previously held the seat as an independent from 1974 to 1986 before serving in the House of Assembly as a Liberal from 1986 to 2001. Hodgman was running as a Liberal candidate. His highest profile opponent was Huon Valley Mayor Robert Armstrong, running as an independent. Other candidates included Liz Smith, a Huon Valley councillor who resigned from the Greens to run as an independent; Jimmy Bell, the manager of the Huon Valley Police and Citizens Youth Club; Rodney Dillon, an Amnesty International worker who was the 2013 Tasmanian Humanitarian of the Year; Pavel Ruzicka, a sawmiller; and Helen Lane.[2]

Tasmanian Legislative Council periodic elections, 2014: Huon[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Peter Hodgman 5,387 26.13 +26.13
Independent Robert Armstrong 4,205 20.40 +20.40
Independent Liz Smith 3,974 19.28 +19.28
Independent Jimmy Bell 3,177 15.41 +15.41
Independent Rodney Dillon 1,690 8.20 +8.20
Independent Pavel Ruzicka 1,312 6.36 +6.36
Independent Helen Lane 871 4.22 +4.22
Total formal votes 20,616 95.76 −0.56
Informal votes 912 4.24 +0.56
Turnout 21,528 85.17 +2.32
Two-candidate-preferred result
Independent Robert Armstrong 10,703 56.88 +56.88
Liberal Peter Hodgman 8,113 43.12 +43.12
Independent hold Swing

The results are final.


Independent MLC Kerry Finch has represented Rosevears since 2002. He re-contested the seat. The Liberal Party endorsed Don Morris, a long-time political staffer and former Senate candidate, in a break from their tradition of not challenging sitting independents. The Liberal Party targeted Finch as a "closet Green" regarding his left-leaning voting record. No other candidates nominated.[4]

Tasmanian Legislative Council periodic elections, 2014: Rosevears[5]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Independent Kerry Finch 11,840 60.28 −12.37
Liberal Don Morris 7,801 39.72 +39.72
Total formal votes 19,641 96.43 +1.12
Informal votes 728 3.57 −1.12
Turnout 20,369 81.32 +1.16
Independent hold Swing −12.37

These results are final.


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