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2014 FINA Diving World Cup

The 2014 FINA Diving World Cup was held in Shanghai, China, from Tuesday July 15, 2014 to Sunday July 20, 2014. It was the 19th FINA Diving World Cup competition and the hosts claimed the best possible medal return they could, with 9 Golds and 4 Silvers. 28 Nations took part in World Cup


Participating CountriesEdit

The number beside each nation represents the number of athletes who competed for each country at the 2014 FINA Diving World Cup.

  Great Britain (8)
  Hong Kong
  New Zealand
  North Korea
  South Africa
  South Korea
  United States (12)

Medal summaryEdit

Men's eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 metre springboard   He Chong (CHN) 540.35   Cao Yuan (CHN) 526.70   Jack Laugher (GBR) 488.20
10 metre platform   Yang Jian (CHN) 543.85   Qiu Bo (CHN) 528.50   Ivan Garcia (MEX) 504.90
3 metre springboard
  Lin Yue (CHN)
  Cao Yuan (CHN)
461.31   Stephan Feck (GER)
  Patrick Hausding (GER)
431.40   Evgeny Kuznetsov (RUS)
  Ilya Zakharov (RUS)
10 metre platform
  Lin Yue (CHN)
  Cao Yuan (CHN)
494.46   Sascha Klein (GER)
  Patrick Hausding (GER)
444.78   David Boudia (USA)
  Steele Johnson (USA)

Women's eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 metre springboard   Shi Tingmao (CHN) 383.40   He Zi (CHN) 369.65   Jennifer Abel (CAN) 364.05
10 metre platform   Huang Xiaohui (CHN) 373.60   Liu Huixia (CHN) 354.35   Melissa Wu (AUS) 349.50
3 metre springboard
  Wu Minxia (CHN)
  Shi Tingmao (CHN)
340.50   Jennifer Abel (CAN)
  Pamela Ware (CAN)
318.33   Maddison Keeney (AUS)
  Anabelle Smith (AUS)
10 metre platform
  Chen Ruolin (CHN)
  Liu Huixia (CHN)
357.66   Leong Mun Yee (MAS)
  Cheong Jun Hoong (MAS)
336.66   Meaghan Benfeito (CAN)
  Roseline Filion (CAN)

Team eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Team Event   Huang Xiaohui (CHN)
  Chen Aisen (CHN)
408.60   Oleksandr Bondar (UKR)
  Yulia Prokopchuk (UKR)
390.55   Nadezdha Bazhina (RUS)
  Victor Minibaev (RUS)

Medal tableEdit

1  China (CHN)94013
2  Germany (GER)0202
3  Canada (CAN)0123
4  Malaysia (MAS)0101
  Ukraine (UKR)0101
6  Australia (AUS)0022
  Russia (RUS)0022
8  Great Britain (GBR)0011
  Mexico (MEX)0011
  United States (USA)0011
Totals (10 nations)99927
Preceded by
2012 FINA Diving World Cup
(London, UK)
2014 FINA Diving World Cup
(Shanghai, China)
Succeeded by
2016 FINA Diving World Cup
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

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