2013 Supercopa de Chile

The 2013 Supercopa de Chile was the first edition of this championship organised by the ANFP.

2013 Supercopa de Chile
Estadio Calvo y Bascuñan.jpg
EventSupercopa de Chile 2013
Date10 July 2013
VenueEstadio Regional Calvo y Bascuñán, Antofagasta
RefereeEnrique Osses
12 °C (54 °F)

The match was played between the 2013 Torneo de Transición Champion Unión Española, and the 2012–13 Copa Chile Winner Universidad de Chile

Road to the finalEdit

The two teams that contested the Supercopa were Unión Española, that qualified as 2013 Torneo de Transición Champion, and Universidad de Chile, that qualified for the match as the winner of the 2012–13 Copa Chile, defeating Universidad Católica 2:1 at the Estadio Germán Becker.

  Unión Española   Universidad de Chile
2013 Torneo de Transición Champion Winner of the 2012–13 Copa Chile


Unión Española2–0Universidad de Chile
Canales   35'
Hernández   90'


Union Española
1st title