2013 Cavan Intermediate Football Championship

The Cavan Intermediate Football Championship is an annual Gaelic Athletic Association club competition between Intermediate Cavan Gaelic football clubs. It was first competed for in 1925. The winners get to represent their county in the Ulster Club Championship and in turn, go on to the All-Ireland Intermediate Club Football Championship. Lacken have won the most titles, having been victorious 4 times. The current Intermediate football champions are Lacken who defeated Cootehill Celtic in the 2012 decider.

Cavan I.F.C.
ChampionsKilleshandra (3rd Title)
Ulster ICFCKilleshandra
All Ireland ICFC???
Matches played24


14 teams will contest the Hotel Kilmore Intermediate Football Championship.

4 teams will play in a Preliminary Round, the 2 winners will enter Round 1 while the two losers will enter the “back door side” of the draw. 12 teams, made up of the 2 Preliminary Round winners and the 10 teams already through to Round, 1 will compete in Round 1 with 6 winners qualifying for the quarter final (Round 4). The 6 losers from Round 1 will join the 2 losers from the preliminary round on the “back door” side of the draw. These 8 teams will then be drawn against each other in Rounds 2 & 3 with the eventual two winners qualifying for the quarter final (Round 4). From Round 4 on (quarter finals) the competition will be “knock out”. Quarter Final/Semi-final pairings will be based on an open draw.

The Preliminary Round & Round 1 are Championship proper while Rounds 2 & 3 are “back door” Rounds

2013 ChampionshipEdit

Preliminary RoundEdit

Preliminary Round (A)
Drumlane2-13 - 1-10Mountnugent
Referee: Kieran McCarville (Cavan)

Preliminary Round (B)
Killeshandra2-7 - 2-5Cavan Gaels
Referee: Mg Brady (Cavan)

Round 1Edit

Round 1
Shercock1-13 - 1-8Drung
Hugh O'Reilly Memorial Park, Cavan
Referee: Padraig Kellegher (Cavan)

Round 1
Bailieboro Shamrocks0-7 - 0-11Cootehill Celtic
O'Reilly Park, Cavan
Referee: Oliver Óg O Reilly (Cavan)

Round 1
Drumlane2-17 - 0-12Ballymachugh
St. Aidan's Park, Cavan
Referee: Ollie Donohoe (Cavan)

Round 1
Killeshandra0-12 - 0-7Butlersbridge
Ballinagh GAA Grounds, Cavan
Referee: Oliver Óg O Reilly (Cavan)

Round 1
Killinkere1-9 - 1-12Ballyhaise
Hugh O'Reilly Memorial Park, Cavan
Referee: Kieran Mc Carville (Cavan)

Round 1
Swanlinbar1-16 - 0-9Laragh United
Ballyconnell, Cavan
Referee: Tony Gregory(Cavan)

Round 2Edit

Round 2
Bailieboro Shamrocks0-16 - 1-10Butlersbridge
Referee: Conor Dourneen (Cavan)

Round 2
Drung2-12 - 1-6Ballymachugh
Pairc Padraig Ui Daobhlaion, Cavan
Referee: Tony Gregory (Cavan)

Round 2
Laragh United1-14 - 1-9Mountnugent
Referee: Brian Crowe (Cavan)

Round 2
Killinkere0-15 - 1-8Cavan Gaels
P.J. Duke Park, Cavan
Referee: Jim Giblin (Cavan)

Round 3Edit

Round 3
Laragh United0-8 - 1-13Bailieboro Shamrocks
Referee: Noel Mooney (Cavan)

Round 3
Drung2-8 - 0-10Killinkere
Referee: Gerry Sheridan (Cavan)

Last 8Edit

Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
Drung 1-8  
Killeshandra 0-15     Killeshandra 1-10  
Swanlinbar 0-9     Ballyhaise 0-10  
Ballyhaise 3-15       Killeshandra 1-10
Cootehill Celtic 3-7       Shercock 1-8
Bailieboro Shamrocks 0-11     Cootehill Celtic 0-8
Shercock 4-11     Shercock 2-6    
Drumlane 2-8  

Quarter FinalEdit

Quarter Final
Cootehill Celtic3-7 - 0-11Bailieboro Shamrocks
Referee: Jim Giblin, (Cavan)

Quarter Final
Shercock4-11 - 2-8Drumlane
Referee: Michael Lee, (Cavan)

Quarter Final
Swanlinbar0-9 - 3-15Ballyhaise
Referee: Packie Smith, (Cavan)

Quarter Final
Killeshandra0-9 - 1-6Drung
Ballyhaise, Cavan
Referee: Noel Mooney, (Cavan)

Quarter Final ReplayEdit

Quarter Final
Drung1-8 - 0-15Killeshandra
Referee: Oliver Óg O Reilly, (Cavan)

Semi FinalEdit

Semi Final
Cootehill Celtic0-8 - 2-6Shercock
Referee: Thomas Doonan, (Cavan)

Semi Final
Killeshandra1-10 - 0-10Ballyhaise
Referee: Martin Brady, (Cavan)


Killeshandra1-10 - 1-8Shercock
Referee: Michae Lee, (Cavan)

Relegation Play-offEdit

Preliminary RoundEdit

Semi Final
Butlersbridge1-10 - 0-6Ballymachugh
Lacken GAA Grounds, Cavan
Referee: Raymond Kelly, (Cavan)


Mountnugent0-9 - 1-3Ballymachugh
Our Lady of Lourdes Park, Mullahoran, Cavan
Referee: (Cavan)


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