2012 Wallis and Futuna Territorial Assembly election

Territorial Assembly elections were held in Wallis and Futuna on 25 March 2012.[1] Thirty party lists contested to fill the twenty seats.[2] The major election issues were the cost of living, economic development, and wallis and Futuna's relationship with France.[2] Turnout was 85.95%.[2]

Only nine incumbents were re-elected.[2] Among those to be defeated was Victor Brial, a former member of the French National Assembly,[3] and Assembly President Siliako Lauhea.[2]

Following the election the Territorial Assembly for the first time elected a Socialist, Vetelino Nau, as President of the assembly by 11 votes to 9.[3][4] Mikaele Kulimoetoke was elected as vice-president, and Petelo Hanisi as president of the standing committee.[2]

Elected membersEdit

Constituency Member Party
Hihifo District Nivaleta Iloai Union pour Wallis et Futuna
Atoloto Kolokilagi UMP
Sosefo Suve Independent
Hahake District David Vergé Independent
Mikaele Kulimoetoke Independent
Patalione Kanimoa UMP
Petelo Hanisi Independent
Mua District Laufilitoga Mireille
Emile Selui
Yannick Filau UMP
Munipoese Muli’aka’aka
Bernard Taufana
Eselone Ikai Party
Alo District Toma Savea UMP
Sosefo Motuku Independent
Alesio Katoa Independent
Vetelino Nau UPWF
Sigave Petelo Falelavaki Independent
Savelina Vea Independent
Pasikale Niutoua


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