2012 European general strike

The 2012 European general strike,[1] first known as the 2012 Iberian Strike[2][3] was a general strike called initially by Spanish and Portuguese unions on 14 November 2012, to whom several unions and collectives from other European countries joined in strike or other form of protests.

2012 European general strike
Part of European Anti-austerity movement during the European sovereign debt crisis in the Great Recession in Europe and the impact of the Arab Spring
Huelga general del 14 de noviembre de 2012 en Madrid (47).jpg
Date14th November 2012
Caused byEurope-wide austerity measures, Unemployment, Salaries decrease
GoalsRevert Europe-wide austerity measures, improve salaries and working conditions
MethodsStrike action, including flying pickets
Civil disobedience

It was the first time in History that a European Union-wide series of strikes coincided in time. General strike was called in Cyprus, Malta, Portugal,[4] Italy[5][6] and Spain, while protests and mobilizations of support occurred in France, Greece and in Wallonia, Belgium.[7]

Demonstration in Rome

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