2010 Aesthetic Group Gymnastics World Cup series

The 2010 IFAGG World Cup series in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics is a series of competitions officially organized and promoted by the International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics.


World and Challenge Cup
Date Event Location
March 26-28 World and Challenge Cup I   Jyväskylä
April 23-25 World Cup II   Brno
May 14-16 World Cup III   Sant Cugat
October 22-23 World Cup IV   Paderborn

Medal winnersEdit

World CupEdit

Competitions Gold Silver Bronze
World Cup
Jyväskylä   Ampeerit   Nebesa   Madonna
Brno[1]   Ampeerit   Oscar   Madonna
Sant Cugat   Ampeerit   Madonna   Oscar
Paderborn[2]   Madonna   Ampeerit   Akademik

Overall medal tableEdit

1  Finland (FIN)3104
2  Russia (RUS)1337
3  Bulgaria (BUL)0011
Totals (3 entries)44412

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