200 metres individual medley

The 200 metres individual medley is a race in competitive swimming in which swimmers compete in all 4 strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle) in one race.


Swimmers start by diving off the block and swimming 50 metres of the Butterfly stroke, then touching the wall with both hands and turning into 50 metres of Backstroke, then touching the wall with one hand (and possibly flipping after touching the wall), they turn into the 50 metres of Breaststroke. They finish the race with 50 metres of Freestyle.


World Record (SCM) men: Ryan Lochte (United States), 1:49.63
World Record (LCM) men: Ryan Lochte (United States), 1:54.00
Order: 50 metres butterfly, 50 metres backstroke, 50 metres breaststroke, 50 metres freestyle
Number of lengths (SCM): 8
Number of lengths (LCM): 4

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