2009 Willagee state by-election

The 2009 Willagee state by-election was held for the Western Australian Legislative Assembly seat of Willagee on 28 November 2009.[1] It was triggered as a result of the resignation of former Premier of Western Australia Alan Carpenter. The election was won by Labor candidate Peter Tinley.[2]


Four candidates stood at the by-election. They were as follows in ballot paper order:[3]

Christian Democratic Party – Henri Chew. Chew stood previously as the Christian Democrats candidate for the district of Carine at the 2008 state election.

Labor PartyPeter Tinley. Tinley is a former SAS major who stood unsuccessfully as the endorsed Labor candidate for the marginal seat of Stirling at the 2007 federal election.[4]

Greens – Hsien Harper. Harper is a union organiser who stood twice previously as a Greens candidate: most recently for the seat of Maylands at the 2008 state election and before that at the 2008 Murdoch by-election.[5]

IndependentGerry Georgatos. Georgatos was originally preselected as the Greens candidate in anticipation of a potential by-election in Willagee earlier in the year. However, when the by-election materialised, preselection was re-opened and Georgatos lost to Harper. He subsequently ran as an independent.[6]

The Liberal Party did not field a candidate.[7]


The Liberal Party, who received 30.93 percent of the vote at the previous election in Willagee, did not contest the election. All candidates received a lift in their respective primary vote.

Willagee state by-election, 2009[8][9]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labor Peter Tinley 9,160 53.80 +2.15
Greens Hsien Harper 5,162 30.32 +12.90
Independent Gerry Georgatos 1,529 8.98 +8.98
Christian Democrats Henri Chew 1,175 6.90 +6.90
Total formal votes 17,026 95.48 +1.87
Informal votes 863 4.82 −1.87
Turnout 17,889 77.50 −8.62
Two-candidate-preferred result
Labor Peter Tinley 10,316 60.61 −3.97
Greens Hsien Harper 6,664 39.39 +39.39
Labor hold Swing N/A


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