2009 Luoding flood

The 2009 Luoding flood (Chinese: 罗定船步水灾) was a major flood that occurred in Luoding, Guangdong in the People's Republic of China on the week of September 17, 2009.[1] The water level increased due to rain from Typhoon Koppu. The storm slammed into South China causing torrential rain, mudslides and an oil spill.[1]

Dam flood orderEdit

The town most seriously affected was Chuanbu (船步).[2] Some sources pointed out that the township government was ordered by Guangdong provincial authorities to flood the countryside around Chuanbu to ease the water levels at the Shandong dam.[3] More than 100 people stormed the government offices three times, they were not allowed in. A resident said township officials refused to meet with the villagers.[3]

Tolls and damagesEdit

Sources vary on the damages and tolls. Some sources listed the death toll at seven dead and six missing,[1] while others listed three dead and four missing.[2] More than 100,000 residents had to be evacuated and direct economic losses totaled two billion yuan.[1]


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