2009–10 LEB Plata season

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The 2009–10 LEB Plata season was the 10th season of the LEB Plata, second league of the Liga Española de Baloncesto and third division in Spain. It was also named Adecco Plata for sponsorship reasons.

2009–10 LEB Plata season
LeagueLEB Plata
Number of teams23
Regular Season
Season championsFundación Adepal Alcázar
Season MVPUnited States Ronald Thompson
Play-offs championsLobe Huesca
  Play-offs runners-upPromobys BS Tíjola
Copa LEB Plata
ChampionsLobe Huesca
  Runners-upHuelva La Luz
Finals MVPUnited States Stevie Johnson
LEB Plata seasons

Competition formatEdit

21 teams were divided in the first round in two groups of 12 and 11 teams. The six first qualified teams of each group will join the Group 1. In this Group 1, the winner will be promoted directly to LEB Oro. Teams from 2nd to 8th will join the promotion playoffs with the winner of the Group 2 (played with the remaining teams). The Group B winner will be the last seeded team in the playoffs. The results of the games of the first round between teams of the same group were included in the table for the second round.

The last qualified of the Group 2 was relegated to Liga EBA.

The leading teams of the first half of Groups A and B, played the Copa LEB Plata. The winner of this Cup, was the first seeded team in the promotion playoffs if it finished between the second and the fifth position of the Group 1 of the second round.

Eligibility of playersEdit

All teams must have in their roster:

  • A minimum of seven eligible players with the Spanish national team.
  • A maximum of two non-EU players.
  • A maximum of two EU players, which one can be a player from an ACP country.
  • If a team has not two non-EU players, it can sign a player of everywhere.

Teams can not sign any player after February 28.

Regular seasonEdit

First roundEdit

Second roundEdit

Copa LEB PlataEdit

At the half of the first round, the two first teams in the table play the Copa LEB Plata at home of the winner of the first half season. The Champion of this Cup will play the play-offs as first qualified if finishes the league between the 2nd and the 5th qualified of the Group 1.

Lobe Huesca was the champion after defeating Huelva La Luz by 89–67.


Teams qualified from 2nd to 8th of the Group 1 and the winner of the Group 2 will play the promotion play-off. If the winner of Copa LEB Plata is qualified between 2nd and 5th at the final of the Regular Season, it will join the play-offs as 2nd qualified. Three best-of-five series will decide who promotes to LEB Oro with the champion of the league.

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
C Lobe Huesca 102 89 81 95 X
W2 Alaior MR Coinga 84 84 93 71 X
C Lobe Huesca 77 72 94 81 80
6 CajaRioja 76 70 96 89 80
5 River Andorra 82 66 81 77 X
6 CajaRioja 76 68 90 82 X
C Lobe Huesca 93 88 84 82 X
2 Promobys BS Tíjola 77 75 91 80 X
2 Promobys BS Tíjola 65 94 69 84 90
8 Huelva La Luz 66 71 85 73 80
2 Promobys BS Tíjola 77 69 69 78 X
4 Grupo Iruña Navarra 68 62 79 77 X
4 Grupo Iruña Navarra 79 69 59 62 X
7 Plasencia Extrem. 67 67 83 56 X

Final standingsEdit

Pos Team
1 Fundación Adepal Alcázar
2 Lobe Huesca
3 Promobys BS Hoteles Tíjola
4 Grupo Iruña Navarra
5 CajaRioja
6 River Andorra
7 Plasencia Extremadura
Pos Team
8 Huelva La Luz
9 Alaior Menorcarentals.com Coinga
10 Leyma Básquet Coruña
11 CB Prat Joventut
12 CB Guadalajara
13 CB Illescas
14 Santurtzi
Pos Team
15 Beirasar Rosalía
16 Real Madrid B
17 Torrons Vicens L'Hospitalet
18 Fontedoso Carrefour El Bulevar de Ávila
19 Qalat Cajasol
20 ADT Tarragona
21 Cajasol Córdoba 2016

MVP of the regular seasonEdit

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