2008 Mnet Km Music Festival

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The 2008 Mnet Km Music Festival (MKMF) was the tenth of the annual music awards in Seoul, South Korea that took place on November 15, 2008 at the Seoul Sports Complex.

2008 Mnet Asian Music Awards
Mnet Korean Music Festival (MKMF) 2008.png
DateNovember 15, 2008 (2008-11-15)
LocationSeoul Sports Complex, Seoul, South Korea
Hosted byRain
Most awardsWonder Girls (3)
Most nominationsTVXQ, Epik High, Wonder Girls (5)
WebsiteMnet Asian Music Awards
Television/radio coverage
NetworkSouth Korea: Mnet
Japan: Mnet Japan
Runtimearound 195 minutes

Leading the nominees were boy groups TVXQ and Epik High, and girl group Wonder Girls with 5 nominations each. By the end of the ceremony, Wonder Girls won the most wins and became the first artist/performer to receive 3 wins, which included one daesang award.[1] It was followed by Big Bang and Lee Hyori with 2 each.


The award-giving body continued to use the name "M.net Korean Music Festival" (MKMF) for the tenth consecutive time,[2] which was held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium for the second time. For the first time, however, singer-actor Rain was the only one to host the event. The official slogan used was "My Dream, My Music, My Way, My MKMF".[3]

Before revealing the Best New Male Artist winner, an intermission number from the boy group nominees was performed, resembling the performance by the then new girl group nominees during the ninth ceremony held last year. Together with ex-H.O.T. member Moon Hee-joon, the boy groups performed the debut singles of the past Best New Group winners including Super Junior, SS501, TVXQ, g.o.d, and Shinhwa.

During its 10th anniversary, Clon made an appearance once again to say a little speech during their experiences. Additionally, the first on screen kiss between Lee Hyori and T.O.P happened during their performance that their skit made headlines later on.[4][5]

Winners and nomineesEdit

TVXQ, Album of the Year
Wonder Girls, Song of the Year, Best Music Video, and Best Female Group
Shinee, Best New Male Artist
Davichi, Best New Female Artist
Lee Hyori, Best Dance Performance
Nell, Best Rock Performance
Epik High, Best Hip Hop Performance
Shin Seung-hun, Mnet PD's Choice Awardee
Khalil Fong, Best New Asian Artist

Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.[6][7]

Album of the Year
Artist of the Year
Song of the Year
Best Music Video
Best New Male Artist Best New Female Artist
  • Davichi - "I Love You Even Though I Hate You"
    • Moon Ji-eun - "The Fox Song"
    • Sunha - "Chantey Chantey"
    • Lee Hyun-ji - "Kiss Me Kiss Me"
    • Joo - "Because Of A Man"
Best Male Group Best Female Group
Best House & Electronic Best Dance Performance
Best Male Artist Best Female Artist
Best Ballad/R&B Performance Best Rock Performance
  • Brown Eyes - "Don't Go Don't Go"
    • Kim Dong-ryool - "Let's Start Again"
    • Park Ji-Hyun - During The Days I Want To See You"
    • Taeyang - "Look At Me Only"
    • V.O.S - "Beautiful Life"
Best Hip Hop Performance Best OST
Special awards

Multiple awardsEdit

Artist(s) with multiple winsEdit

The following artist(s) received two or more wins (excluding the special awards):

Awards Artist(s)
3 Wonder Girls
2 Big Bang
Lee Hyori

Artist(s) with multiple nominationsEdit

The following artist(s) received more than two nominations:

Nominations Artist(s)
Epik High
Wonder Girls
4 Big Bang
Lee Hyori
3 Kim Dong-ryool
Seo Taiji
Uhm Jung-hwa

Presenters and performersEdit

The following individuals and groups, listed in order of appearance, presented awards or performed musical numbers.[3][8][9]


Name(s) Role
Rain Main host of the show
Shin Dong-wook and Yoon Ji-min Presenters of the award for Best New Female Artist
Ryu Deok-hwan and Wonder Girls Presenters of the award for Best New Male Artist
Baek Ji-young and Byeon Jin-seob (변진섭) Presenters of the award for Best Ballad/R&B Award
박주만 and Jae Young-jeon (전재영) Presenters of the award for Auction Netizen Popularity Award
Kim Hyun-soo (김현수) and Hong Soo-ah (홍수아) Presenters of the award for Best Dance Performance
Ahn Hye-Kyung and Sung Chun Hwang (황성철) Presenters of the award for Best OST
정민실 (Japan Radio DJ) Presenter of the special award for Hallyu Singers by the Japanese Press
Kim Shin-young Presenter of the award for Best House & Electronic
Leessang and Hong Seo-beom (홍서범) Presenters of the award for Best Hip Hop Performance
Heocham (허참) and Joo Presenters of the award for Best Rock Performance
Lee Jin-wook and Yoon So-yi Presenters of the award for Best Male Artist
Jeon Hye-bin and Tae Jin-ah Presenters of the award for Best Female Artist
Shinee Handed in the award for 10th Year Anniversary Remember Award
Sean (션) and his son No Harang (노하랑) Introduced the next performers (My MKMF #5)
Go Eun-ah and Lee Wan Presenters of the award for Overseas Viewers' Award
Yoon So-yi, Chae Yeon, and 주이 Presenters of the award for Best New Asian Artist
Park Tae-hwan Presenter of the award for Best Female Group
Yoon Jin-seo and Lee Chun-hee Presenters of the award for Best Male Group
(Lee Gisang (이기상) and Choe Halli (최할리)) Jin-hie Park and Lee Ki-woo Presenters of the award for Best Music Video
Bom Yeoreum Gaeul Kyeoul Presenters of the award for Song of the Year
Shin Seung-hun Presenter of the award for Artist of the Year
Kim Chang-wan Presenter of the award for Album of the Year


Name(s) Performed Notes
Lee Min-ki "My Way" My MKMF #1: My Way
2PM, U-Kiss, Shinee, 2AM, Mighty Mouth, Moon Hee-joon "U", "Warning", "Rising Sun", "Lie", "Brand New", "Warrior's Descendant" Rock ver. and "The Fighting Sprit" My MKMF #3: Something HOT
Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry, Jaurim "How Come", "One More Time", "Magic Carpet Ride" My MKMF #3: Girl's Got Reloaded
SG Wannabe, Shin Seung-hun "La La La", "Even After A Long While" Intermission number after the former received the 'Hallyu Singers by the Japanese Press' recognition and before the latter received the 'Mnet PD's Choice Award'
Wonder Girls ft. 2PM "Nobody" Tango ver. and disco ver. My MKMF #4: Secret Party
Big Bang ft. Lee Hyori "Look At Me Only", "Lie", "Haru Haru", "U Go-Girl" remix, "Look At Me Hyori", "10 Minutes" My MKMF #5: Scandalous
Hong Hyun (홍현아), Epik High, Kim Chang-wan band "Redemption", "One", "Right Dudu Dada", "Naughty Boy" My MKMF #5: Rescue
Khalil Fong and Chae Yeon "Lover" Chinese ver.
TVXQ "The Way U Are", "Rising Sun", "'O'-Jung.Ban.Hap.", "Purple Line", "Hug", "Wrong Number", "Mirotic" My MKMF #7: My Addiction
Rain "My Way", "It's Raining", "Only You", "Don't Stop", "Rainism" My MKMF #8: 2098 Still Raining


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