2008 Guangdong–Hong Kong Cup

Guangdong–Hong Kong Cup of 2007–08 was the 30th staging of this two-leg competition between Hong Kong and Guangdong.

The first leg was played in Hong Kong on 30 December 2007 and the second leg was played in Guangzhou on 6 January 2008.

Hong Kong captured the trophy by winning an aggregate 4–0.


Hong KongEdit

No. Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Club
1 1GK   Luciano 盧斯奧 10 April 1974 (age 33)   Eastern
2 2DF   Lee Chi Ho 李志豪 16 November 1982 (age 25)   South China
4 2DF   Fofo 科夫 25 June 1979 (age 28)   Bulova Rangers
5 3MF   Edgar Aldrighi Junior 祖利亞 30 March 1974 (age 33)   Wofoo Tai Po
6 2DF   Festus Baise 法圖斯 11 April 1980 (age 27)   Citizen
7 4FW   Goran Stankovski 哥倫 20 November 1976 (age 31)   Kitchee
9 4FW   Wang Xuanhong 王選宏 24 July 1989 (age 18)   Citizen
11 3MF   Li Haiqiang 李海強 (captain) 3 May 1977 (age 30)   South China
15 2DF   Chan Wai Ho 陳偉豪 24 April 1982 (age 25)   South China
17 1GK   Oliveira 奧利華拉 12 October 1975 (age 32)   Happy Valley
18 4FW   Chan Siu Ki 陳肇麒 14 July 1985 (age 22)   Kitchee
20 2DF   Poon Yiu Cheuk 潘耀焯 19 September 1977 (age 30)   Happy Valley
21 3MF   Man Pei Tak 文彼得 16 February 1982 (age 25)   South China
22 4FW   Giovane 基奧雲尼 25 November 1982 (age 25)   Convoy Sun Hei
25 2DF   Cris 基斯 9 October 1980 (age 27)   South China
26 3MF   Itaparica 伊達 8 July 1980 (age 27)   South China
27 4FW   Maxwell 麥士維 23 April 1979 (age 28)   South China
30 4FW   Detinho 迪天奴 11 September 1973 (age 34)   South China



Head of Delegation:
Zhao Shaoming 招少鳴
Zheng Junhui 鄭俊輝
Team Managers:
Ke Guohong 柯國洪, Kong Maosheng 孔茂勝, Ning ZhiXiong 寧智雄
Head Coach:
Shen Xiangfu 沈祥福
Assistant Coach:
Ye Zhibin 葉志彬, 艾丁
Mai Zhiyuan 麥志垣
Yang Lei 楊磊

No. Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Club
1 1GK Zhi Xinhua 支鑫华   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
2 2DF Li Zhihai 李志海 (captain)   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
3 3MF Li Yan 李岩   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
4 2DF Zhou Lin 周麟   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
5 4FW Wang Xiaoshi 王小詩   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
6 3MF Jia Wenpeng 賈文鵬   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
7 3MF Feng Junyan 冯俊彦   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
8 4FW Gao Ming 高明   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
11 3MF Lu Lin 卢琳   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
12 1GK Li Shuai 李帅   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
13 2DF Tang Dechao 唐德超   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
14 2DF Cao Zhijie 曹志杰   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
15 4FW Luo Xi 羅西   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
16 4FW Xu Deen 徐德恩   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
17 3MF Cai Yaohui 蔡尧辉   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
18 3MF Yang Pengfeng 杨朋锋   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
19 2DF Zhang Suozhi 张所智   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药
20 3MF Xu Liang 徐亮   Guangzhou Pharm. 广州医药



First Leg

Hong Kong3–0Guangdong
Detinho   27'   84'
Maxwell   39'
[2] (in chinese)
Attendance: 3,516
Referee: Ng Chiu Kok

Second Leg

Guangdong0–1Hong Kong
[4] (in chinese)
Itaparica   69'


  • It was the first time in the competition history that Hong Kong was able to beat Guangdong in both legs.
  • 4–0 was the biggest aggregate win for Hong Kong in the competition.
  • The 3–0 win in the first leg was the biggest win for Hong Kong in a single match in the competition.
  • It was the first time in the competition history that no Chinese players were able to score for both teams.
  • All 4 goals were scored by 3 Brazilian players from Hong Kong League XI and they all played for Hong Kong First Division League team South China.
  • The 3 scoring players wore the jerseys with the largest numbers in the team.

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