2007 Nehru Cup

The 2007 Nehru Cup International Football Tournament also known as the ONGC Nehru Cup due to the competition's sponsorship by ONGC, was the 13th edition of the Nehru Cup a tournament organized by the All India Football Federation since 1982.[1] It was the first Nehru Cup after a ten-year break from 1997 to 2007.[2]

2007 ONGC Nehru Cup
2007 ongc-nehru-cup-logo.jpg
Tournament details
Host countryIndia
Dates17–29 August
Teams5 (from 1 confederation)
Venue(s)1 (in 1 host city)
Final positions
Champions India (1st title)
Runners-up Syria
Tournament statistics
Matches played11
Goals scored41 (3.73 per match)
Top scorer(s)Syria Zyad Chaabo (5 goals)

The tournament was played in the round-robin league format and the final was slated for 29 August in which India defeated Syria to claim its first title.[3] Along with the host nation India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Syria and Kyrgyzstan also competed in the 13-day tournament at the refurbished Ambedkar Stadium, where new floodlights had been put up specially for this tournament.[4][5]

The total prize money of the tournament was $100,000. The champion team takes away a prize of $40,000, the runners-up receive $20,000 while the third place team will get $10,000. The winning team of every match received $2,500.[6]


The Nehru Cup campaign started with an Indian 6–0 victory over the less experienced Cambodian side. India's Sunil Chhetri and Steven Dias had a great game, each of them netting twice. Baichung Bhutia had produced a wonderful performance in the match. Most of the game was played on the Cambodian side of the pitch. It was expected that India was going to take this one and they did with their second biggest recorded victory. Steven Dias was "Man of the match".

2007 ONGC Nehru Cup India vs Syria

Syria started this tournament with a 2–0 victory over Bangladesh, followed by three consecutive wins over Kyrgyzstan, hosts India and Cambodia. The four wins saw Syria topping the round-roubin standings with a perfect record of 12 out of 12 points. They experienced Syrian side was led by their best goalscorers Zyad Chaabo, who scored 5 out of 14 goals for his team and Maher Al Sayed with four goals.

Hosts India, after beating Cambodia, enjoyed another win over neighbouring Bangladesh. After losing to Syria, the decisive game for the second final spot was held between the Indian team and Kyrgyzstan. India won that game 3–0 and advanced. The goals were scored by the Indian forwards Baichung Bhutia, Sunil Chhetri and Abhishek Yadav. This defeat saw the Central Asian side finishing third, while Bangladesh and Cambodia finished fourth and fifth place respectively having played a 1 all draw in their game.

The Nehru Cup final between India and Syria was held on 29 August 2007 in New Delhi. India defeated their opponents 1–0 thanks to a goal from N. P. Pradeep and won their first ever Nehru Cup trophy. The Indian team received 40,000 US-Dollar for winning this tournament.

All games of the tournament were broadcast live by Zee Sports.[7]

Matches and resultsEdit

Group stageEdit

Teams in green field progress to the Final.

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
  Syria 4 4 0 0 14 4 +10 12
  India 4 3 0 1 12 3 +9 9
  Kyrgyzstan 4 2 0 2 8 10 −2 6
  Bangladesh 4 0 1 3 1 7 −6 1
  Cambodia 4 0 1 3 5 16 −11 1
Source: RSSSF
India  6–0  Cambodia
Pradeep   16'
Bhutia   45+2' (pen.)
Dias   72'89'
Chhetri   82 '84'
Referee: Pepera Hetti Kamkanamge

Bangladesh  0–2  Syria
  Al Sayed   48'
Chaabo   79'
Referee: A. Arjunan (India)

Kyrgyzstan  4–3  Cambodia
Samsaliev   12'
Bakyt Mamatov   17'
Djamshidov   48'
Harchenko   65'
Hok Sotitya   34'
Rithy   40'
Chum   43'
Referee: Srinivasan Suresh (India)

India  1–0  Bangladesh
Bhutia   5'  
Referee: Sikhrakar Surendra (Nepal)

Syria  4–1  Kyrgyzstan
Al Sayed   7'
Chaabo   44'
Al Zeno   70'
Al Hasan   82'
Diab   13' (o.g.)
Referee: Srinivasan Suresh (India)

Bangladesh  1–1  Cambodia
Mohammed Abul Hussain   30' Keo Kasal   90'
Referee: A. Arjunan (India)

India  2–3  Syria
Chhetri   13'
Ajayan   81'
Al Baba   23'
Chaabo   45+1'65'
Referee: Sikhrakar Surendra (Nepal)

Bangladesh  0–3  Kyrgyzstan
  Lutfullaev   28'54'
Djamshidov   57'
Referee: Srinivasan Suresh (India)

Cambodia  1–5  Syria
Vathanak   69' Al Zeno   25'
Chaabo   35'
Al Sayed   51'86'
Jenyat   80'
Referee: Pepera Hetti Kamkanamge (Sri Lanka)

India  3–0  Kyrgyzstan
Bhutia   39'
Chhetri   60'
Yadav   90+3'
Referee: Sikhrakar Surendra (Nepal)


India  1–0  Syria
Pradeep   44'  
Referee: Sikhrakar Surendra (Nepal)


 Nehru Cup 2007 Champion 
First title


Man of the MatchEdit


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