2006 Manx general election

General elections were held on the Isle of Man on Thursday, 23 November 2006. The voting age was lowered to 16 at this election. As usual, the election was dominated by independents, who took 21 of the 24 seats.

2006 Manx general election

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All 24 seats in the House of Keys
  First party Second party Third party
Party Independents Liberal Vannin Manx Labour
Seats won 21 2 1
Seat change Decrease1 New Decrease1
Popular vote 41,608 7,323 2,561
Percentage 80.80% 14.22% 4.97
Swing Decrease1.49pp New Decrease4.10pp

Chief Minister before election

Donald Gelling

Elected Chief Minister

Tony Brown

Background Edit

In the previous elections in 2001, independents won 22 out of the 24 seats and the Manx Labour Party won two seats.

Results Edit

Liberal Vannin Party7,32314.222
Manx Labour Party2,5614.971
Valid votes30,38699.62
Invalid/blank votes1160.38
Total votes30,502100.00
Registered voters/turnout49,85561.18
Source: Isle of Man Government

By constituency Edit

The winners in bold. Several constituencies have more than one member elected.[1][2]

Constituency Name Party Votes
Ayre Eddie Teare MHK None Unopposed
Castletown Tony Brown MHK None 915
Roy Redmayne Liberal Vannin 335
Douglas East Phil Braidwood MHK None 777
Brenda Cannell MHK None / (APG) 728
Chris Robertshaw None 574
Bill Platt Liberal Vannin 252
Steve Osborne None 194
Carol Jempson None 189
Douglas North Bill Henderson MHK None 1,627
John Houghton MHK None 1,615
Mike Coleman Manx Labour Party 688
Mark Atherton None 290
Douglas South David Cretney MHK Manx Labour Party 1,873
Bill Malarkey MHK Liberal Vannin 873
David Buttery None 829
Phil Kermode None 399
Rodney Clarke None 361
Frank Schuengel None 219
Douglas West Geoff Corkish None 1,248
John Shimmin MHK None 1,009
Geoff Cannell MHK None 692
Roland Ardern-Corris Liberal Vannin 518
Garff Steve Rodan SHK None 1,400
Nigel Dobson Liberal Vannin 524
Glenfaba David Anderson MHK None 760
Geoffrey Boot None 524
Malew and Santon Graham Cregeen None 573
Captain Andrew Douglas MHK None 439
Carol Kermode None 258
Michael David Cannan MHK None 1,062
Ron Berry None 329
Middle Martyn Quayle MHK None 963
Kate Beecroft Liberal Vannin 548
Andrew Jessopp None 413
Onchan Peter Karran MHK Liberal Vannin 2,600
Adrian Earnshaw MHK None 2,078
David Quirk None 1,565
Brian Stowell None 1,373
Steve Babb None 1,047
Andrew Dossor None 601
Peel Tim Crookall MHK None 839
Hazel Hannan None 712
Rodger Gimbert None 321
Ramsey Annie Craine MHK None 1,969
Allan Bell MHK None 1,768
Leonard Singer MLC None / (APG) 1,621
Captain Nigel Malpass Liberal Vannin 673
Rushen Juan Watterson MHK None 2,430
Phil Gawne MHK None 1,794
Quintin Gill MHK None 1,689
Phil Crellin None 1,432
John Rimington None 1,048
Tony Wright Liberal Vannin 1,000
Adrian Tinkler None 934

References Edit

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