2006 Hat Yai bombings

The 2006 Hat Yai bombings took place in Hat Yai, Songkhla Province, Thailand on 16 September 2006 and are believed to be part of the ongoing South Thailand insurgency. At least four people were killed and 82 were injured.[1] [1] The attacks were similar to the 2005 Songkhla bombings.

2006 Hat Yai bombings
LocationHat Yai, Thailand
Date16 September 2006
9:30PM – Unknown (UTC+7)
Attack type
multiple bombings
Perpetratorssuspected insurgents

The attacksEdit

The attack consisted of six bombs which were detonated at around 9:30 pm in the Ocean Department Store, in front of the Brown Sugar Pub, a car parking building, a Big C shopping mall, the Lee Gardens Hotel and Diana Department Store.[1][2] The bombs were planted on motorcycles and were triggered by mobile phone. The attacks have marred a day which was supposed to have been dominated by a military peace rally held in the south.


Deaths by nationality
Country Number
  Thailand 2
  Malaysia 1
  Canada 1
Total 4

Among those killed were a Malaysian, a Canadian and two Thais. A number of other civilians were injured and taken to the hospital where some officials complained that there was not enough blood for them, as the Xinhua news agency reported at [3].


It is assumed that the South Thailand insurgency carried out the attacks. While no terrorist organisation took responsibility for the bombings, General Thammarak Isarangkura na Ayudhaya indicated that Thai authorities had expected bomb attacks in Hat Yai sometime between 16 and 20 September to mark the first anniversary of the Gerakan Mujahidin Islam Patani (GMIP) separatist movement, which is a splinter group of the Gerakan Mujahidin Patani (GMP).[2]

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