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2005 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series

2005 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series
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The 2005 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series was the eleventh season of the Craftsman Truck Series, the third highest stock car racing series sanctioned by NASCAR in the United States. Ted Musgrave of Ultra Motorsports was crowned the season's champion.

A rule change affected the qualification process in 2005. The top 30 teams in the owners' standings at the end of the 2004 season saw their drivers qualify automatically for the first four races of the season, provided they attempted all races in the previous year. However, only 29 teams met the criteria, so at the start of the season, one additional spot was available for the remaining teams on the entry list. After the fourth race, current standings were used to determine the teams guaranteed to have their drivers in the field.


Teams and driversEdit

Team Truck(s) No. Driver(s) Listed owner(s) Crew chief
Bill Davis Racing Toyota Tundra 5 Mike Skinner Bill Davis Jeff Hensley
22 Bill Lester Doug Wolcott
23 Johnny Benson Gail Davis Greg Ely
BHR2 Dodge Ram 8 Deborah Renshaw Ray Montgomery Bob Bissinger
Billy Ballew Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado 15 Shane Hmiel Billy Ballew Richie Wauters
Bobby Hamilton Racing Dodge Ram 04 Bobby Hamilton Stephanie Hamilton Danny Rollins
4 Casey Atwood Bobby Hamilton Randy Seals
18 Chase Montgomery Kip McCord
Brevak Racing Dodge Ram 31 Nick Tucker (R) Shelly Brevak Bob Brevak
Circle Bar Racing Ford F-150 14 Rick Crawford Tom Mitchell Kevin Starland
Darrell Waltrip Motorsports Toyota Tundra 12 Robert Huffman Darrell Waltrip Glenn Funderburk
17 David Reutimann Jason Overstreet
Fiddle Back Racing Toyota Tundra 66 Todd Bodine Tom Eldredge Tony Furr
Germain/Arnold Racing Toyota Tundra 9 Shigeaki Hattori (R) Bob Germain Tom Ackerman
30 Chad Chaffin Stephen Germain Mike Hillman, Jr.
Green Light Racing Chevrolet Silverado 07 Sean Murphy Gene Christensen Doug Howe
HT Motorsports Dodge Ram 59 Robert Pressley Jim Harris Fred Graves
K Automotive Racing Ford F-150 29 Brad Keselowski Kay Keselowski Bob Keselowski
Kevin Harvick Incorporated Chevrolet Silverado 6 Ron Hornaday Delana Harvick Wally Rogers
KW Racing Chevrolet Silverado 08 Ken Weaver Bobby Dotter Scott Neal
Mighty Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado 24 Wayne Edwards Rob Ferguson Cliff Button
Morgan-Dollar Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado 46 Dennis Setzer David Dollar Eric Phillips
Orleans Racing Dodge Ram 62 Steve Park Michael Gaughan Charlie Wilson
77 Brendan Gaughan Billy Wilburn
ppc Racing Ford F-150 10 Terry Cook Greg Pollex Rick Gay
Red Horse Racing Toyota Tundra 38 Brandon Whitt Tom DeLoach Jamie Jones
Rhodes Racing Dodge Ram 48 Derrike Cope Ron Rhodes James Hylton
Roush Racing Ford F-150 50 Todd Kluever (R) Jack Roush John Monsam
99 Ricky Craven Mike Beam
Spears Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado 75 David Starr Wayne Spears Dave McCarty
Sutton Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado 02 Kelly Sutton Ed Sutton Jason Weissman
ThorSport Racing Chevrolet Silverado 13 Tracy Hines Duke Thorson Shane Tesch
88 Matt Crafton Rhonda Thorson Dennis Connor
Ultra Motorsports Dodge Ram 1 Ted Musgrave Jim Smith Gene Nead
2 Jimmy Spencer Marlene Smith Buddy Barnes
Xpress Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado 16 Jack Sprague Dave Fuge Chris Showalter
19 Regan Smith Doug George

Florida Dodge Dealers 250Edit

The Florida Dodge Dealers 250 was held February 18 at Daytona International Speedway. Kerry Earnhardt won the pole.

Top ten results[1]

  1. 04-Bobby Hamilton
  2. 2-Jimmy Spencer
  3. 66-Todd Bodine
  4. 99-Ricky Craven
  5. 1-Ted Musgrave
  6. 08-Ken Weaver
  7. 29-Brad Keselowski
  8. 75-David Starr
  9. 24-Wayne Edwards
  10. 23-Johnny Benson

Failed to qualify: J. R. Patton (No. 63), Rick Markle (No. 45), David Ragan (No. 28), Jason Rudd (No. 39), Derrike Cope (No. 48)

American Racing Wheels 200Edit

The American Racing Wheels 200 was held February 25 at California Speedway. Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top ten results[2]

  1. 62-Steve Park
  2. 04-Bobby Hamilton
  3. 99-Ricky Craven
  4. 50-Todd Kluever
  5. 1-Ted Musgrave
  6. 88-Matt Crafton
  7. 2-Jimmy Spencer
  8. 6-Ron Hornaday
  9. 12-Robert Huffman
  10. 46-Dennis Setzer

Failed to qualify: Derrike Cope (No. 48), Jason Rudd (No. 31)

Park's victory made him the second driver in 2005 to complete the NASCAR Triple Threat, as he had yet to win in the Truck Series.

World Financial Group 200Edit

The World Financial Group 200 was held March 18 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Rick Crawford won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 6-Ron Hornaday
  2. 47-Bobby Labonte
  3. 04-Bobby Hamilton
  4. 46-Dennis Setzer
  5. 75-David Starr
  6. 1-Ted Musgrave
  7. 30-Chad Chaffin
  8. 16-Jack Sprague
  9. 10-Terry Cook
  10. 12-Robert Huffman

Failed to qualify: Regan Smith (No. 19), Derrike Cope (No. 48), Brendan Gaughan (No. 77), Steve Grissom (No. 31)

Kroger 250Edit

The Kroger 250 was held April 9 at Martinsville Speedway. Bobby Hamilton won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 47-Bobby Labonte
  2. 99-Ricky Craven
  3. 6-Ron Hornaday
  4. 66-Todd Bodine
  5. 30-Chad Chaffin
  6. 15-Shane Hmiel
  7. 1-Ted Musgrave
  8. 2-Jimmy Spencer
  9. 5-Mike Skinner
  10. 10-Terry Cook

Failed to qualify: Brendan Gaughan (No. 77), Darrell Waltrip (No. 11), Shigeaki Hattori (No. 9), Eric King (No. 00), Nick Tucker (No. 31), Justin Allgaier (No. 63), Joey McCarthy (No. 48), Bill Manfull (No. 32)

Labonte's victory made him the fourth driver in 2005 to become a winner in all three of NASCAR's top series.

Dodge Ram Tough 200Edit

The Dodge Ram Tough 200 was held April 30 at Gateway International Raceway. Ted Musgrave won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 1-Ted Musgrave
  2. 46-Dennis Setzer
  3. 2-Jimmy Spencer
  4. 5-Mike Skinner
  5. 14-Rick Crawford
  6. 04-Bobby Hamilton
  7. 66-Todd Bodine
  8. 59-Robert Pressley
  9. 30-Chad Chaffin
  10. 99-Ricky Craven

Failed to qualify: Shane Wallace (No. 21), Brandon Bendele (No. 24), Justin Allgaier (No. 63), Eric Norris (No. 48), J.C. Stout (No. 91)

UAW-GM Ohio 250Edit

The UAW-GM Ohio 250 was held May 15 at Mansfield Motorsports Speedway. Ron Hornaday won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 04-Bobby Hamilton
  2. 16-Jack Sprague
  3. 15-Shane Hmiel
  4. 50-Todd Kluever
  5. 08-Rich Bickle
  6. 14-Rick Crawford
  7. 46-Dennis Setzer
  8. 99-Ricky Craven
  9. 75-David Starr
  10. 07-Butch Miller

Failed to qualify: Mike Osgar (No. 48), Frank Wilson, Jr. (No. 31), Sam Beam (No. 64), Blake Mallory (No. 21), Jim Walker (No. 74), Kelly Thacker (No. 68)

  • This was Hamilton's last career NASCAR victory.

Quaker Steak & Lube 200Edit

The Quaker Steak & Lube 200 presented by Click It or Ticket was held May 20 at Lowe's Motor Speedway. Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 15-Kyle Busch
  2. 10-Terry Cook
  3. 1-Ted Musgrave
  4. 23-Johnny Benson
  5. 62-Steve Park
  6. 22-Bill Lester
  7. 46-Dennis Setzer
  8. 77-Brendan Gaughan
  9. 88-Matt Crafton
  10. 99-Ricky Craven

Failed to qualify: Jimmy Kite (No. 06), Deborah Renshaw (No. 8), Nick Tucker (No. 31), David Ragan (No. 28), Wayne Edwards (No. 24), Mike Harmon (No. 21)

  • This was Busch's first career Craftsman Truck Series victory.

MBNA RacePoints 200Edit

Chex 400kEdit

The Chex 400k was held June 10 at Texas Motor Speedway. Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 16-Jack Sprague
  2. 23-Johnny Benson
  3. 46-Dennis Setzer
  4. 5-Mike Skinner
  5. 88-Matt Crafton
  6. 6-Ron Hornaday
  7. 10-Terry Cook
  8. 65-Clay Rogers
  9. 75-David Starr
  10. 17-David Reutimann

Failed to qualify: none

Paramount Health Insurance 200Edit

Toyota Tundra Milwaukee 200Edit

O'Reilly Auto Parts 250Edit

The O'Reilly Auto Parts 250 was held July 2 at Kansas Speedway. Bill Lester won the pole. During the race, Kelly Sutton flipped.

Top ten results

  1. 30-Todd Bodine
  2. 50-Todd Kluever
  3. 17-David Reutimann
  4. 5-Mike Skinner
  5. 22-Bill Lester
  6. 2-Jimmy Spencer
  7. 10-Terry Cook
  8. 77-Brendan Gaughan
  9. 15-John Andretti
  10. 14-Rick Crawford

Failed to qualify: none

Built Ford Tough 225Edit

O'Reilly 200 presented by ValvolineEdit

The O'Reilly 200 presented by Valvoline was held July 23 at Memphis Motorsports Park. Brandon Whitt won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 38-Brandon Whitt
  2. 17-David Reutimann
  3. 77-Brendan Gaughan
  4. 46-Dennis Setzer
  5. 75-David Starr
  6. 04-Bobby Hamilton
  7. 88-Matt Crafton
  8. 15-John Andretti
  9. 23-Johnny Benson
  10. 50-Todd Kluever
  • Ron Hornaday led coming off through the final two corners, but a wreck had occurred leaving smoke on the track. Hornaday slowed down and Whitt got into the back of Hornaday, spinning Hornaday's No. 6 truck around. Hornaday finished 21st.

Failed to qualify: Justin Allgaier (No. 63), Jim Walker (No. 74), Sam Beam (No. 64), Frank Wilson, Jr. (No. 27)

Power Stroke Diesel 200Edit

The Power Stroke Diesel 200 was held on August 5 at Indianapolis Raceway Park. Dennis Setzer won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 46-Dennis Setzer
  2. 50-Todd Kluever
  3. 6-Ron Hornaday
  4. 88-Matt Crafton
  5. 2-Jimmy Spencer
  6. 14-Rick Crawford
  7. 59-Robert Pressley
  8. 77-Brendan Gaughan
  9. 16-Jack Sprague
  10. 47-Aric Almirola

Failed to qualify: Clay Rogers (No. 44), Frank Wilson, Jr. (No. 27), Bobby East (No. 33), Johnny Sauter (No. 43), Michael Faulk (No. 53), Casey Kingsland (No. 91)

Matt Crafton suffered a 25-point penalty for an unapproved adjustment to his truck.

Toyota Tundra 200Edit

The Toyota Tundra 200 was held on August 13 at Nashville Superspeedway. Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 17-David Reutimann
  2. 1-Ted Musgrave
  3. 30-Todd Bodine
  4. 5-Mike Skinner
  5. 50-Todd Kluever
  6. 77-Brendan Gaughan
  7. 22-Bill Lester
  8. 23-Johnny Benson
  9. 04-Bobby Hamilton
  10. 14-Rick Crawford

Failed to qualify: Roland Isaacs (No. 24), Wayne Edwards (No. 68)

O'Reilly 200 presented by ValvolineEdit

The O'Reilly 200 presented by Valvoline Maxlife was held on August 24 at Bristol Motor Speedway. David Reutimann won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 5-Mike Skinner
  2. 30-Todd Bodine
  3. 16-Jack Sprague
  4. 23-Johnny Benson
  5. 15-Kyle Busch
  6. 1-Ted Musgrave
  7. 2-Jimmy Spencer
  8. 75-David Starr
  9. 12-Mike Wallace
  10. 52-Ken Schrader

Failed to qualify: Wayne Edwards (No. 68), Kelly Sutton (No. 02), Tam Topham (No. 70), Casey Kingsland (No. 91), Eric King (No. 00), Frank Wilson, Jr. (No. 27)

Cheerios Betty Crocker 200Edit

The Cheerios Betty Crocker 200 was held on September 8 at Richmond International Raceway. David Starr won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 5-Mike Skinner
  2. 30-Todd Bodine
  3. 92-Kevin Harvick
  4. 1-Ted Musgrave
  5. 13-Tracy Hines
  6. 12-Mike Wallace
  7. 88-Matt Crafton
  8. 59-Robert Pressley
  9. 2-Jimmy Spencer
  10. 6-Ron Hornaday

Failed to qualify: Tony Stewart (No. 92), Bobby East (No. 33), Ron Hornaday III (No. 7), Mike Bliss (No. 06), Andy Houston (No. 40), Tam Topham (No. 70), Kelly Sutton (No. 02), Robbie Ferguson (No. 24), Craig Wood (No. 73)

Sylvania 200 presented by Lowe'sEdit

Las Vegas 350Edit

Kroger 200Edit

The Kroger 200 was held October 22 at Martinsville Speedway. Rick Crawford won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 99-Ricky Craven
  2. 50-Todd Kluever
  3. 38-Brandon Whitt
  4. 1-Ted Musgrave
  5. 15-Kyle Busch
  6. 47-Willie Allen
  7. 10-Terry Cook
  8. 4-Timothy Peters
  9. 6-Ron Hornaday
  10. 30-Todd Bodine

Failed to qualify: Kelly Sutton (No. 02), Frank Wilson, Jr. (No. 27)

By recording the victory, Craven became the seventh and final driver in 2005 to have won a race in all three of NASCAR's top series in his career, needing only a Truck Series victory to complete the trifecta.

EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts 200Edit

The EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts 200 was held October 29 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Mike Skinner won the pole,

Top ten results

  1. 15-Kyle Busch
  2. 30-Todd Bodine
  3. 23-Johnny Benson
  4. 60-Jack Sprague
  5. 47-Bobby Labonte
  6. 50-Todd Kluever
  7. 04-Bobby Hamilton
  8. 38-Brandon Whitt
  9. 99-Ricky Craven
  10. 12-Joey Miller

Failed to qualify: John Mickel (No. 05), Kelly Sutton (No. 02), Justin Hobgood (No. 9), Clay Rogers (No. 44), Mark McFarland (No. 52), Wayne Edwards (No. 24)

Silverado 350KEdit

The Silverado 350K was held November 4 at Texas Motor Speedway. Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 30-Todd Bodine
  2. 5-Mike Skinner
  3. 15-Kyle Busch
  4. 75-David Starr
  5. 17-David Reutimann
  6. 16-Jack Sprague
  7. 6-Ron Hornaday
  8. 04-Bobby Hamilton
  9. 50-Todd Kluever

Failed to qualify: Kelly Sutton (No. 02), Tim Fedewa (No. 65), Justin Hobgood (No. 9), Blake Mallory (No. 76), Wayne Edwards (No. 24)

Chevy Silverado 150Edit

Ford 200Edit

The Ford 200 was held November 19 at Homestead-Miami Speedway due to rain. David Reutimann won the pole.

Top ten results[4]

  1. 30-Todd Bodine
  2. 60-Jack Sprague
  3. 23-Johnny Benson
  4. 26-Mike Bliss
  5. 22-Bill Lester
  6. 15-Kyle Busch
  7. 50-Todd Kluever
  8. 33-Mark Martin
  9. 6-Ron Hornaday
  10. 88-Matt Crafton

Failed to qualify: Tim Fedewa (No. 65), Justin Allgaier (No. 63), Kelly Sutton (No. 02), Wayne Edwards (No. 24), Bobby East (No. 21)

Ted Musgrave officially clinched the championship in this race. It was the final race for his team, Ultra Motorsports.

Final points standingsEdit

NASCAR Rookie of the YearEdit

The 2005 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Rookie of the Year battle was virtually one-sided, as Todd Kluever of Roush Racing was the only candidate to attempt a full schedule, and he posted twelve top-tens, and three second-place finishes. Timothy Peters and Shigeaki Hattori were the only other drivers to fulfill the Rookie of the Year Award's requirement that drivers compete in at least eight of the first 20 races to be eligible. Peters had two top-tens, while Hattori struggled and was released from Germain Racing. Regan Smith was the only other rookie to run more than ten races, as Clay Rogers, Nick Tucker, Jimmy Kite, and Kerry Earnhardt saw their seasons end early.

See alsoEdit


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