2004 Halifax municipal election

The 2004 municipal elections of the Halifax Regional Municipality took place on 16 October 2004. Elections have been held every four years since the amalgamation of the cities of Halifax and Dartmouth, the town of Bedford and Halifax County into the Halifax Regional Municipality in 1996. The regional council is made up of twenty three councillors and one mayor, all positions were up for election.

There are no political parties at the municipal level in Nova Scotia,[1] so all candidates run as independents. Voter turnout in the mayoral election was 48.39%.[2]



Candidate Votes %
Peter J. Kelly 102,865 82.3%
Mike Flemming 7,114 2.7%
Victor Syperek 12,746 4.9%
Ernie Brennan 2,310 0.9%
Total 125,035 100%
Source: Halifax Regional Municipality


District 1: Eastern Shore - Musquodoboit Valley
Candidate Votes % ±
Randy Carter 600 11.83
Martin Singh 740 14.59
Steve Streatch 2,366 46.64
Laurie Taylor 1,367 26.95
Turnout 5,097 54.58


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