2003 Nice bombing

The 2003 Nice bombing was a double bomb attack in the city of Nice, France on 20 July 2003. Sixteen people were injured in the blasts against the regional directorates of customs and the treasury.[1] The Corsican separatist National Liberation Front of Corsica (FLNC) claimed responsibility, and was one of the biggest bombs exploded by the group on the French mainland.[1][2][3]

2003 Nice bombing
Part of the Corsican conflict
LocationNice, France
Date20 July 2003
2:30 am
TargetGovernment buildings
Attack type
PerpetratorNational Liberation Front of Corsica

The attack came one week after the FLNC ended its seven-month ceasefire amid French government rejections about autonomy for Corsica. Tensions on the island had also increased following the arrest of militant member Yvan Colonna in June and the Corsican autonomy referendum on 6 July.[2][4]

The FLNC also committed some other, albeit minor, attacks in Nice that year, including a bomb attack at a French military facility on 10 October.[5][6]


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