2003 Barbadian general election

General elections were held in Barbados on 21 May 2003.[1] The result was a victory for the Barbados Labour Party, which won 23 of the 30 seats. Voter turnout was 57%, the lowest since universal suffrage was introduced in 1951.[1]

2003 Barbadian general election

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30 seats in the House of Assembly
16 seats needed for a majority
Turnout56.88% (Decrease6.48pp)
  First party Second party
Leader Owen Arthur Clyde Mascoll
Leader's seat St. Peter St. John
Last election 26 seats 2 seats
Seats won 23 7
Seat change Decrease3 Increase5
Popular vote 69,720 54,746
Percentage 55.80% 44.09%
Swing Decrease9.07pp Increase9.01pp

Results by constituency

Prime Minister before election

Owen Arthur
Barbados Labour Party

Elected Prime Minister

Owen Arthur
Barbados Labour Party

Results edit

Barbados Labour Party69,29455.8023–3
Democratic Labour Party54,74644.097+5
Valid votes124,17799.77
Invalid/blank votes2860.23
Total votes124,463100.00
Registered voters/turnout218,81156.88
Source: Nohlen

References edit

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