The 2001 XFL draft was the only draft for the first-iteration XFL football league. The draft took place over a three-day time period from October 28 to October 30, 2000, during which time a total of 475 players were selected by the league's 8 teams from a pool of approximately 1,600 or so eligible players. The draft consisted of 59 rounds—10 rounds taking place on October 28, 15 rounds on October 29, and 34 rounds on October 30.

2001 XFL draft
General information
Date(s)October 28–30, 2000
475 total selections in 59 rounds
First selectionScott Milanovich, QB, Los Angeles Xtreme
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The draft was followed by a supplemental draft on December 29, 2000, during which 65 additional players were selected in an effort to completely fill out team rosters.[1] Most eligible players came from either the CFL, the Arena Football League, NFL Europe, retired NFL players, or previous college players who had gone undrafted by the NFL but had not yet signed with another league.

The XFL draft took place in order for teams to be ready to begin league play when the season kicked off on February 3, 2001.

Notable players drafted edit

Many of the players selected in the XFL draft went on to compete in the NFL and other football leagues.

Notable players selected in the draft included Las Vegas running back Rod Smart, who first gained popularity because the name on the back of his jersey read "He Hate Me." Smart stated that he had wanted to put "They Hate Me" (a jab at his critics) but there wasn't enough room. Smart, who was only picked 357th in the draft, later went on to play for the Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers, and the Oakland Raiders, thus becoming the second XFL player (after receiver Yo Murphy did as a member of the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI)[2] to play in a Super Bowl, participating in Super Bowl XXXVIII, which his team lost.

Many other XFL "alumni" who were selected in the draft went on to play in the NFL, including Kevin Kaesviharn, Jose Cortez, Corey Ivy, Mike Furrey and Rod Smart, and many others played extensively in the CFL, including Kelvin Anderson, John Avery, Duane Butler, Jeremaine Copeland, Marcus Crandell, Reggie Durden, Eric England, Paul McCallum (who wore the jersey nickname "CFL Reject"), Yo Murphy, Noel Prefontaine and Bobby Singh. The Arena Football League also absorbed some former XFL players.

Player selections edit

Rnd. Pick # XFL team Player Pos. College Notes
1 1 Los Angeles Xtreme Scott Milanovich QB Maryland
1 2 Birmingham Thunderbolts Casey Weldon QB Florida State
1 3 Memphis Maniax Marcus Crandell QB East Carolina
1 4 Orlando Rage Jeff Brohm QB Louisville
1 5 Las Vegas Outlaws Chuck Clements QB Houston
1 6 San Francisco Demons Vaughn Dunbar RB Indiana
1 7 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Charles Puleri QB New Mexico State
1 8 Chicago Enforcers John Avery RB Ole Miss
2 9 Chicago Enforcers Paul Failla QB Indiana (PA)
2 10 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Jermaine Smith DT Georgia
2 11 San Francisco Demons Scott Adams OT Georgia
2 12 Las Vegas Outlaws Antonio Edwards DE Valdosta
2 13 Orlando Rage Dan Collins OG Boston College
2 14 Memphis Maniax Darick Holmes RB Portland State
2 15 Birmingham Thunderbolts Lies, MichaelMichael Lies OG Kansas
2 16 Los Angeles Xtreme Steve Russ LB Air Force
3 17 Los Angeles Xtreme West, DerekDerek West OT Colorado
3 18 Birmingham Thunderbolts Henry Taylor DT South Carolina
3 19 Memphis Maniax Mike Sheldon OT Grand Valley State
3 20 Orlando Rage Jonathan Brown DE Tennessee
3 21 Las Vegas Outlaws Kory Blackwell CB UMass
3 22 San Francisco Demons Cordell Taylor CB Hampton
3 23 New York/New Jersey Hitmen McGee, CurtisCurtis McGee OT Georgia Tech
3 24 Chicago Enforcers Julian Pittman DE Florida State
4 25 Chicago Enforcers Quincy Coleman CB Jackson State
4 26 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Tony Berti OT Colorado
4 27 San Francisco Demons Sanders, DavidDavid Sanders DE Arkansas
4 28 Las Vegas Outlaws Antonio Dingle DT Virginia
4 29 Orlando Rage Derrick Clark RB Evangel
4 30 Memphis Maniax Mike Sutton DE LSU
4 31 Birmingham Thunderbolts Wallace, AlonzoAlonzo Wallace DE Maryland
4 32 Los Angeles Xtreme Day, DonnellDonnell Day CB Cal State Northridge
5 33 Los Angeles Xtreme James Harris DE Temple
5 34 Birmingham Thunderbolts Burroughs, JustinJustin Burroughs OG NC State
5 35 Memphis Maniax Rico Clark CB Louisville
5 36 Orlando Rage Ricky Bell CB NC State
5 37 Las Vegas Outlaws Rickey Brady TE Oklahoma
5 38 San Francisco Demons Craig Powell LB Ohio State
5 39 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Dwayne Sabb DE New Hampshire
5 40 Chicago Enforcers Egbuniwe, ChikeChike Egbuniwe LB Duke
6 41 Chicago Enforcers Tim Lester QB Western Michigan
6 42 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Mike Barber LB Clemson
6 43 San Francisco Demons Pita Elisara OT Indiana
6 44 Las Vegas Outlaws Paul Bradford CB Portland State
6 45 Orlando Rage James Roberson DE Florida State
6 46 Memphis Maniax D. J. Cooper DE Arkansas
6 47 Birmingham Thunderbolts Stepfret Williams WR Northeast Louisiana
6 48 Los Angeles Xtreme Dell McGee CB Auburn
7 49 Los Angeles Xtreme Rashaan Shehee RB Washington
7 50 Birmingham Thunderbolts Duane Butler DB Illinois State
7 51 Memphis Maniax Basil Mitchell RB TCU
7 52 Orlando Rage Mario Bailey WR Washington
7 53 Las Vegas Outlaws Mason, MichaelMichael Mason DE Kentucky State
7 54 San Francisco Demons James Hundon WR Portland State
7 55 New York/New Jersey Hitmen James Cotton DE Ohio State
7 56 Chicago Enforcers Ward, ChrisChris Ward DE Kentucky
8 57 Chicago Enforcers Jayson Bray CB Auburn
8 58 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Tyree Talton CB Northern Iowa
8 59 San Francisco Demons Emile Palmer DT Syracuse
8 60 Las Vegas Outlaws Lamont Burns OG East Carolina
8 61 Orlando Rage Steve Fisher CB North Carolina
8 62 Memphis Maniax Ketric Sanford RB Houston
8 63 Birmingham Thunderbolts Kevin Landolt DT West Virginia
8 64 Chicago Enforcers Bishop, OctaviousOctavious Bishop OT Texas from Los Angeles
9 65 Los Angeles Xtreme Jones, WillieWillie Jones OT Grambling State
9 66 Birmingham Thunderbolts Oliver Ross OT Iowa State
9 67 Memphis Maniax Pope, O'LesterO'Lester Pope OT Southern Miss
9 68 Orlando Rage Akers, JeremyJeremy Akers OT Notre Dame
9 69 Las Vegas Outlaws Collins, LeroyLeroy Collins RB Louisville
9 70 San Francisco Demons Terrance Joseph CB Tulsa
9 71 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Jude Waddy LB William & Mary
9 72 Los Angeles Xtreme Jose Portilla OT Arizona from Chicago
10 73 Chicago Enforcers Baisley, JamieJamie Baisley LB Indiana
10 74 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Chris Maumalanga DT Kansas
10 75 San Francisco Demons Mike Adams WR Texas
10 76 Las Vegas Outlaws Chris Bayne S Fresno State
10 77 Orlando Rage Joe Cummings LB Wyoming
10 78 Memphis Maniax Jim Druckenmiller QB Virginia Tech
10 79 Birmingham Thunderbolts Sedrick Curry CB Texas A&M
10 80 Los Angeles Xtreme Jon Kirksey DT Sacramento State
11 81 Los Angeles Xtreme Ingram, SteveSteve Ingram OT Maryland
11 82 Birmingham Thunderbolts Jimmy Sprotte LB Arizona
11 83 Memphis Maniax Rountree, GlennGlenn Rountree C Clemson
11 84 Orlando Rage Hayward Clay TE Texas A&M
11 85 Las Vegas Outlaws Toran James LB North Carolina A&T
11 86 San Francisco Demons Jim Arellanes QB Fresno State
11 87 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Anthony Brown OT Utah
11 88 Chicago Enforcers Curtis Mayfield WR Oklahoma State
12 89 Chicago Enforcers Wiley, CharlesCharles Wiley RB Georgia Tech
12 90 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Juan Daniels WR Georgia
12 91 San Francisco Demons Battle, TerryTerry Battle RB Arizona State
12 92 Las Vegas Outlaws Donald Sellers WR New Mexico
12 93 Orlando Rage Kevin Swayne WR Wayne State
12 94 Memphis Maniax Earl Scott C Arkansas
12 95 Birmingham Thunderbolts Nicky Savoie TE LSU
12 96 Los Angeles Xtreme Brett Williams DE Clemson
13 97 Los Angeles Xtreme Nate Miller C LSU
13 98 Birmingham Thunderbolts Ed Smith TE  
13 99 Memphis Maniax Kerr, JeffJeff Kerr LB East Carolina
13 100 Orlando Rage Ken Anderson DT Arkansas
13 101 Las Vegas Outlaws Brandon Sanders DB Arizona
13 102 San Francisco Demons Robert Hunt C Virginia
13 103 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Battle, JamesJames Battle WR Oregon State
13 104 Los Angeles Xtreme Leomont Evans S Clemson from Chicago
14 105 Chicago Enforcers Tony Ramirez OT Northern Colorado
14 106 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Juan Porter OG Ohio State
14 107 San Francisco Demons Kevin Jefferson LB Lehigh
14 108 Las Vegas Outlaws Hurley Tarver CB Central Oklahoma
14 109 Orlando Rage Jason Gamble OG Clemson
14 110 Memphis Maniax John Williams CB Southern
14 111 Birmingham Thunderbolts Anthony Derricks CB Mississippi State
14 112 Los Angeles Xtreme Tom McManus LB Boston College
15 113 Los Angeles Xtreme Josh Wilcox TE Oregon
15 114 Birmingham Thunderbolts Gustin, BillyBilly Gustin CB Purdue
15 115 Memphis Maniax Hillary Butler LB Washington
15 116 Orlando Rage Roberts, CleaveCleave Roberts OG Troy State
15 117 Las Vegas Outlaws Nori, MarkMark Nori OG Boston College
15 118 San Francisco Demons Darran Hall WR Colorado State
15 119 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Ron Merkerson LB Colorado
15 120 Chicago Enforcers Roell Preston WR Ole Miss
16 121 Chicago Enforcers Larry Fitzpatrick DL Illinois State
16 122 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Bob Rosenstiel TE Eastern Illinois
16 123 San Francisco Demons Sam Manuel LB New Mexico State
16 124 Las Vegas Outlaws Blaine Berger DT Utah
16 125 Orlando Rage Sedric Clark DE Tulsa
16 126 Memphis Maniax Charles Jordan WR Long Beach City College
16 127 Birmingham Thunderbolts Thomassie, RyanRyan Thomassie C LSU
16 128 Los Angeles Xtreme Frank Leatherwood FB Appalachian State
17 129 Los Angeles Xtreme Curtis Eason DT East Tennessee State
17 130 Birmingham Thunderbolts Dion Foxx LB James Madison
17 131 Memphis Maniax Jerry Ross TE Pittsburg State
17 132 Orlando Rage Jay Hill CB Utah
17 133 Las Vegas Outlaws Mike Furrey WR Northern Iowa
17 134 San Francisco Demons Wendell Davis CB Oklahoma
17 135 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Camacho, DavidDavid Camacho OT Oklahoma State
17 136 Chicago Enforcers Matt Finkes LB Ohio State
18 137 Chicago Enforcers Lovett Purnell TE West Virginia
18 138 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Rondell Jones CB North Carolina
18 139 San Francisco Demons Mario Bradley CB USC
18 140 Las Vegas Outlaws Sterling Palmer DE Florida State
18 141 Orlando Rage Andre Purvis DT North Carolina
18 142 Memphis Maniax Dee Moronkola CB Washington State
18 143 Birmingham Thunderbolts Steve Smith WR Utah State
18 144 Los Angeles Xtreme Reggie Lowe DE Troy
19 145 Los Angeles Xtreme Rico Mack LB Appalachian State
19 146 Birmingham Thunderbolts Graham Leigh QB New Mexico
19 147 Memphis Maniax A. J. Ofodile TE Missouri
19 148 Orlando Rage Scott Cloman WR Southern
19 149 Las Vegas Outlaws Johnny Huggins TE Alabama State
19 150 San Francisco Demons Ryan Christopherson FB Wyoming
19 151 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Dino Philyaw RB Oregon
19 152 Chicago Enforcers Ray Austin CB Tennessee
20 153 Chicago Enforcers Ronnie Powell WR Northwestern State
20 154 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Tyrell Peters LB Oklahoma
20 155 San Francisco Demons Trezelle Jenkins OT Michigan
20 156 Las Vegas Outlaws Kelvin Kinney DE Virginia State
20 157 Orlando Rage Kelly Malveaux CB Arizona
20 158 Memphis Maniax Peoples, KevinKevin Peoples CB North Carolina Central
20 159 Birmingham Thunderbolts Malcolm Hamilton LB Baylor
20 160 Los Angeles Xtreme Todd Doxzon WR Iowa State
21 161 Los Angeles Xtreme Latario Rachal WR Fresno State
21 162 Birmingham Thunderbolts White, FredFred White S Tennessee
21 163 Memphis Maniax Patrick Sapp LB Clemson
21 164 Orlando Rage Joe Wesley LB LSU
21 165 Las Vegas Outlaws Isaac Davis OG Arkansas
21 166 San Francisco Demons Greg Williams DB North Carolina
21 167 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Phil Savoy WR Colorado
21 168 Chicago Enforcers Benjamin French OL Rutgers
22 169 Chicago Enforcers Savea, ManuiaManuia Savea OL Arizona
22 170 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Damen Wheeler CB Colorado
22 171 San Francisco Demons Johnson, JuanJuan Johnson RB Utah
22 172 Las Vegas Outlaws Tyrone Taylor WR Sacramento State
22 173 Orlando Rage Lawrence Hart TE Southern
22 174 Memphis Maniax Marcus Wimberly DB Miami (FL)
22 175 Birmingham Thunderbolts Allen Mogridge OL North Carolina
22 176 Los Angeles Xtreme Jeff Russell DB Pacific
23 177 Los Angeles Xtreme Jeremaine Copeland WR Tennessee
23 178 Birmingham Thunderbolts Council, KeithKeith Council DT Hampton
23 179 Memphis Maniax Shante Carver DE Arizona State
23 180 Orlando Rage Black, MikeMike Black RB Washington State
23 181 Las Vegas Outlaws Angel Rubio DE Southeast Missouri State
23 182 San Francisco Demons Sean Manuel TE New Mexico State
23 183 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Shay Muirbrook LB BYU
23 184 Chicago Enforcers Rob Murphy OL Ohio State
24 185 Chicago Enforcers Aaron Bailey WR Louisville
24 186 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Brad Trout S Valdosta State
24 187 San Francisco Demons Barrin Simpson LB Mississippi State
24 188 Las Vegas Outlaws Pat Kesi OT Washington
24 189 Orlando Rage Brian Kuklick QB Wake Forest
24 190 Memphis Maniax Corey Sawyer CB Florida State
24 191 Birmingham Thunderbolts Steve Gleason S Washington State
24 192 Los Angeles Xtreme Bobby Singh OG Portland State
25 193 Los Angeles Xtreme Keith Smith QB Arizona
25 194 Birmingham Thunderbolts Jahine Arnold WR Fresno State
25 195 Memphis Maniax Roosevelt Potts FB Northeast Louisiana
25 196 Orlando Rage Cory Gilliard DB Ball State
25 197 Las Vegas Outlaws Chrys Chukwuma RB Arkansas
25 198 San Francisco Demons Ben Nichols OL Colorado
25 199 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Zola Davis WR South Carolina
25 200 Chicago Enforcers Tyji Armstrong TE Mississippi State
26 201 Chicago Enforcers Andy Crosland K Miami (FL)
26 202 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Ben Cavil OG Oklahoma
26 203 San Francisco Demons Dwayne Harper CB South Carolina State
26 204 Las Vegas Outlaws Martin Harrison DE Washington
26 205 Orlando Rage John Feugill OT Maryland
26 206 Memphis Maniax Rashaan Salaam RB Colorado
26 207 Birmingham Thunderbolts Jones, CarlosCarlos Jones CB Miami (FL)
26 208 Los Angeles Xtreme Chad Pegues DT Illinois State
27 209 Los Angeles Xtreme Ken Oxendine RB Virginia Tech
27 210 Birmingham Thunderbolts McCall, TheodoreTheodore McCall CB North Carolina
27 211 Memphis Maniax Tre Thomas DB Texas
27 212 Orlando Rage Bates, ChadChad Bates OG Florida State
27 213 Las Vegas Outlaws Kasteler, ChrisChris Kasteler QB San Jose State
27 214 San Francisco Demons Johnson, SteveSteve Johnson CB Tennessee
27 215 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Doug Brown DT Simon Fraser
27 216 Chicago Enforcers Jason Chorak DE Washington
28 217 Chicago Enforcers Kerry Cooks S Iowa
28 218 New York/New Jersey Hitmen Brandon Daniels WR Oklahoma
28 219 San Francisco Demons Ignacio Brache K California
28 220 Las Vegas Outlaws Joseph, CarloCarlo Joseph FB Miami
28 221 Orlando Rage Patrise Alexander LB Southwestern Louisiana
28 222 Memphis Maniax Nate Bell DE Southern
28 223 Birmingham Thunderbolts Troy Davis RB Iowa State
28 224 Los Angeles Xtreme Terry Billups CB North Carolina

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